Comprehensive Behavioral Health and Security Solutions for Complex Workplace Situations

R3c has the experience, expertise, and global coverage to quickly and effectively develop and execute custom solutions to meet your most pressing needs and difficult challenges.

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Disruption Response and Recovery

Helping organizational leaders confidently and effectively respond to and recover from disruption in the workplace. Enhancing their ability to support employee’s psychological wellbeing by instilling a sense of safety, community, and hope.

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Disruption Response & Recovery Solutions

Disruptive Event Management (DEM)

Immediate, expert assistance that helps organizations and their people recover following critical incidents in the workplace.

24/7 Telephonic Support

In the aftermath of disruption, we offer a service that provides outreach calls to impacted employees, as well as a dedicated phone line, giving them 24/7 access to trained clinicians and emotional support. This type of support gives the opportunity to have discreet 1:1 conversations, providing them with a safe outlet to talk.

Behavioral Health Support

Helping company leaders proactively support the overall wellbeing of their employees and organization. Strengthening their ability to help employees who may be struggling receive the right level of behavioral health support when they need it most.

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Behavioral Health Support Solutions

Wellness Outreach

Identifying that your employee may be struggling with their mental health can be a challenge. For the employee, asking for help—or making a call to their EAP— can be more challenging then suffering in silence. Through being proactive in offering wellness outreach, you can provide confidential and timely support to your employees in a way that is most convenient for them.

Case Coordination

Return-to-work focused interventions to ensure employees receive the right level of care needed to overcome underlying psychosocial barriers and ultimately reduce the duration of claims and lost productivity.

Executive Optimization

Customized, objective, and timely support for high-level executives (professionally and personally) delivered through discreet professional channels, to promote wellbeing, performance, and resilience.

Violence Mitigation

Helping organizational leaders confidently prepare for, identify, manage, and mitigate potentially violent workplace situations. Enhancing their ability to establish a psychologically safe and secure work environment, while protecting their people, assets, and organization.

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Violence Mitigation Solutions

Threat of Violence Assessment and Management (TOV)

Ensuring the safety of your workplace is a priority. Our subject matter experts work to identify, assess, and mitigate a threat before it takes place.

Workplace Policy and Program Development

Industry best practices to prevent, respond, and manage workplace violence.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations with Violence Screen

Personalized assessments with a violence screen provide an unbiased determination of an individual's capacity to perform essential job functions and also screen for violence risk issues - helping you ensure workplace safety.

Leadership Support

Helping organizational leaders confidently navigate complex employee and business-related decisions. Enhancing their ability to take the most appropriate action, while supporting the needs of the organization and employees.

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Leadership Support Solutions

Pre-employment Psychological Screening

Specialized examination to assess whether a job candidate meets the psychological, emotional, and cognitive requirements of a position and inform a confident hiring decision.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Personalized assessments provide an unbiased and professional evaluation of an individual's ability to safely perform his or her essential job duties, and allow you to make more confident employment decisions.