Comprehensive Behavioral Health and Security Solutions for Complex Workplace Situations

R3c has the experience, expertise, and global coverage to quickly and effectively develop and execute custom solutions to meet your most pressing needs and difficult challenges.

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Crisis Response

Recovering from Distress

Natural disaster, violence, political unrest and disruptions large and small: R3c helps companies prepare for and respond to these incidents through onsite and remote behavioral health care and more.

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Crisis Response Solutions

Disruptive Event Management (DEM)

With a global network of experienced providers, we can respond to disruption with the urgency it requires. Not only can we provide timely support, we are unique in our ability to customize services to fit your workplace or situation’s specific needs, in order to best support the psychological wellbeing of your team.

24/7 Telephonic Support

In the aftermath of disruption, we offer a service that provides outreach calls to impacted employees, as well as a dedicated phone line, giving them 24/7 access to trained clinicians and emotional support. This type of support gives the opportunity to have discreet 1:1 conversations, providing them with a safe outlet to talk.

Case Coordination

Return-to-work focused interventions to ensure employees receive the right level of care needed to overcome underlying psychosocial barriers and ultimately reduce the duration of claims and lost productivity.

Strategic Crisis Leadership

When crisis arises, leaders are in the spotlight. We offer empirically researched and field-tested methods that help organizational leaders protect reputation and other core assets in preparation for and during high-consequence crisis situations.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT)

For victims surviving devastating events, there can be a wake of emotional impact. R3c has partnered with the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) to support survivors following natural or man-made disasters. Whether the event is a large-scale or small-scale workplace disaster, we offer customized support to organizations and personal support to individuals through pre- and post-incident assessments, virtual and onsite crisis services, educational resources, training, and more.

Wellness Outreach

Identifying that your employee may be struggling with their mental health can be a challenge. For the employee, asking for help—or making a call to their EAP— can be more challenging then suffering in silence. Through being proactive in offering wellness outreach, you can provide confidential and timely support to your employees in a way that is most convenient for them.

Facilitated Discussions

When opinions don’t align, teams can get stuck. This can bring collaboration, innovation, and productivity to a standstill. We offer effective, third-party mediation to decrease friction among employees with differences of opinion and unlock cohesion and creativity again.

Protective Services

Ensuring Safety & Security

We partner with you to provide end-to-end protective services that aid in safeguarding your people, your assets and your organization.

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Protective Services

People Protection

Delivering security program solutions to prevent and mitigate issues of violence, harassment, bullying, and high-profile situations.

Assets Protection

Hardening your site security to keep employees and assets safe and secure.

Operations Protection

Securing what’s important regardless of the circumstances


Assessing Well-Being

Assess and understand workplace behavioral health concerns to inform personnel decisions, optimize productivity and ensure fitness for duty.

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Evaluation Solutions

Peer Reviews

Expert, unbiased, and evidence-based peer reviews provide independent opinions to ensure confident, accurate, and defensible decisions relative to complex claims.

Independent Psychological Examinations

Objective and thorough evaluations provide a personalized assessment of an individual's psychological function to help you quickly and effectively resolve a claim. 

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Personalized assessments provide an unbiased and professional evaluation of an individual's ability to safely perform his or her essential job duties, and allow you to make more confident employment decisions.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations with Violence Screen

Personalized assessments with a violence screen provide an unbiased determination of an individual's capacity to perform essential job functions and also screen for violence risk issues - helping you ensure workplace safety.

Pre-employment Psychological Screening

Specialized examination to assess whether a job candidate meets the psychological, emotional, and cognitive requirements of a position and inform a confident hiring decision.

Roundtable Consultation

Expert clinicians consult and collaborate with claim management teams to enhance decision accuracy, timeliness, and outcomes in complex claims.

Executive Optimization

Elevating Performance

Every strong leader needs a support team, especially when it comes to their own behavioral health. We support top leaders in optimizing their performance, brand, culture and bottom line.

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Executive Optimization Solutions


Helps executives develop the skills needed to take their performance to the next level. Options include Performance, Career Transition, 360 Executive Feedback, and Burnout & Happiness Coaching.


Promotes wellbeing, resiliency and performance on key issues impacting executives. Options include Conduct Optimization, Addiction & Substance Use Support, and Behavioral Health & Treatment Advisory.


Maintains safety and peace of mind for executives and their family. Options include Physical Safety and Threat of Violence Assessment and Management.