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Disruptive Event Management

Rapid, expert behavioral health support to help organizations and their people recover following workplace critical incidents and disruption.

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Rapid Response for Human Recovery

Helping workplaces recover by putting people first

Providing timely psychological support following a critical incident or disruptive event helps employees normalize their natural reactions, address emotional injury, cope, and restore functionality. It also tangibly demonstrates corporate care and responsibility and lessens the potential negative impact to efficiency, productivity, morale, and reputation. R3 has over thirty years of experience in helping organizations and their employees recover and thrive in the wake of disruption. Our nationwide network of over 7300 diverse and specially trained providers ensures a rapid response tailored to event type, employee concerns, delivery preferences (onsite/virtual) and organizational culture in as quickly as under two hours.

Whether facing an acute and isolated event, or sustained distress, R3 can help you strengthen the psychological safety, overall wellbeing, and productivity of your workplace while bolstering morale, culture, community, and hope.

DEM service includes

Management Consultation

  • We equip organizational leaders with expert insight, tools, and resources required to effectively lead throughout the response and recovery.

Educational Group Briefing

  • Typically done with a larger group of employees, our provider in collaboration with organizational leadership, will share how to appropriately acknowledge and discuss the incident, along with practical information and tools to help restore resilience, hope, and confidence.

Interactive Group Briefing

  • Our providers meet with small groups of more highly impacted employees—offering them a facilitated opportunity to share reactions, feelings, and stories, while providing them with strategies to strengthen resiliency and promote recovery.

One-on-One Support

  • Available for employees who prefer a private, safe, structured, and caring environment to receive emotional support or to talk about their reactions to the incident.

When to engage: Timing is everything

When your worksite has been impacted by an event that disrupts your employees’ ability to work, it is imperative to provide prompt emotional support. Such events can include:

  • Employee death (either on or off the job)
  • On-the-job catastrophic accident
  • Robbery
  • Natural weather disaster (i.e., flood, earthquake)
  • Shooting
  • Workplace stress
  • Organization downsizing or reduction in force

Don’t delay in bringing emotional support in, as rapid response is imperative for a timely recovery.

What you can expect: Supportive experience

Workplace disruption inevitably creates a sensitive and challenging time for your organization. R3’s collaborative, compassionate, and caring approach is designed to provide human-centered, multi-level, and scaled support throughout your organization.

Incident occurred or is about to occur
Employer or their EAP calls R3
Provider is assigned to case and fully briefed
Provider directly contacts leadership
Psychological support is provided

R3 Can Help

The benefits of R3 disruptive event management services:

Promote the psychological safety of your organization by empowering your leadership. Understandably, leaders are rarely prepared with the skills, know-how, or experience to effectively navigate and manage through workplace critical incidents or disruption.

Our expert consultative insight, tools, and resources help leaders effectively and more confidently lead throughout the response and recovery.

Psychological Safety



Promotes Team Recovery

Enhances Sense of Community & Morale




Modern Workplace Disruptions and How to Prepare for Them

Helping People and Organizations Thrive

Workplace well-being is more important than ever. R3 provides innovative, custom solutions to cultivate it.

Modern Workplace Disruptions and How to Prepare for Them

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