Workplace Disruption Response and Recovery Solutions

Disruptive Event Management: Empowering leaders to support employee behavioral health and well-being in times of crisis and workplace disruption.

Solutions that Work in the Real World

“We appreciate the great work R3 Continuum has done through the COVID-19 crisis. You have been a great business partner and consistently reliable through this difficult time.”

– Senior Director at Large Global EAP

R3c’s Work Supporting Workplace
Disruption Response and Recovery:

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When your people erode, your business erodes. Recovery is a choice.

For more than 30 years, R3 Continuum has helped companies pick up the pieces after natural disasters, traumatic events of violence, political unrest, and more, including…
Newton Shooting
Hurricane Katrina
Hudson Crash
Las Vegas Shooting
Death of a Coworker

"R3c's onsite counselor was absolutely amazing! She stayed until the work was done and I was extremely impressed with how situational she was with each group/individual interaction."

– R3c Disruption Response and Recovery Customer

R3 Continuum provides both the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver tailored solutions that respond to your organization’s unique needs.

What is Disruptive
Event Management?

As a business leader, it’s difficult to predict and foresee emergency disruptions and stressful events in the workplace. While guiding your organization and team day-to-day requires wideset leadership skills, supporting their mental health and psychological wellbeing in times of crisis or disruption often requires emotional support and specialized training.

"Personally important events, like a car crash, are considered disruptive."

Disruption can span from largescale events, such as weather related disasters, mass shootings, pandemics, civil unrest, and domestic terrorism, to small-scale, personally-important events such as the death of a coworker or family member, workforce reductions, or traumatic workplace injury. All forms of disruption can be equally traumatizing to an employee and spark unwanted post-traumatic stress disorders or even substance abuse issues.

How Do I Support My Employees During a Disruption or Critical Incident?

Respond to disruption confidently and help your organization recover from traumatic experiences rapidly with the support of R3c’s proven methodology and unique expertise.


That said, supporting employee mental health requires clear communication, anticipatory planning, peer support, and a culture where employees receive validation and can speak openly to reduce the shame and guilt associated with seeking help.

"When the humans at your workplace feel heard, they become more resilient, and so does the success of your business."

Plan Ahead: Workplace Disruption Response and Recovery Solutions

While you cannot always control when disruption will occur in your workplace or the level of emotional distress and trauma your employees experience from an unexpected event, you can control your level of preparedness to respond adequately when they need you most.

We offer the support you need, however you need it: virtually, on the phone, or on site.

Immediate support 24/7/365 within two hours or 24 hours, whichever is needed
  • On-site response following required state or organizational safety precautions
  • Virtual response via HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform
  • Telephonic response through a dedicated conference line
Strong collaboration with your leadership team to develop a tailored and effective response plan for your company
  • Support for employees to build on their natural resilience and recovery, both individually and collectively
  • Education for employees to give them tools for self-care and coping
  • Triage services for those who might need more support for recovery

Imagine Your Organization Supported and Thriving

At R3 Continuum (R3c), our behavioral health support services are individually focused, rapid, consistent, and tailored to your company’s situation and needs. This customized support includes management consultation, large and small group briefings, individual support, and recommendations for additional mental health support for struggling employees.

Disruptive Event Management
Proactive Telephone Outreach
Inbound Telephone Support
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People are the heart of your business, It’s vital to protect and cultivate their ability to thrive. Even the simplest tasks—such as picking up the phone—can be a challenging stressor in the wake of a disaster or traumatic workplace disruption. Providing 24/7 Telephonic Support helps affected employees and loved ones not only remain resilient but thrive—even amidst a difficult time.

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How does it work?

Our 24/7 telephonic support and recovery process consists of both outbound and inbound communication.

R3c is one of the only organizations to provide outbound emotional support


First, R3c’s experts will conduct an immediate outreach call to the impacted employee s wellness.


Over 10 days, they will make an additional three outreach calls to check on the employee and gauge if further support is needed.


Throughout these 10 days, the employee will have access to on-demand telephonic support when needed. Additionally, an employer can establish a similar dedicated on-demand support line for employees up to 30 days post-incident.

What Employees Can Expect:

  • On-Demand Access: 24/7 access to a support line backed by experienced, master’s level clinician
  • Confidentiality: This service is provided discreetly—only the employee, clinician, and employer will be aware of the services utilized
  • Personalization: There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to employee wellbeing. R3c tailors the service to best fit an individual’s needs.
  • Progress: The goal is to strengthen your employees’ wellbeing to assist them both at work and at home. This approach allows you to increase your employees’ stress management skills, reducing isolation with the tools to cope and thrive.
  • Impact: R3c empowers individuals to return to their optimal levels of productivity and contributions to their company by improving their overall well-being and eliminating common stressors.
  • Follow-up: R3c alerts employers regarding any employees who may need additional emotional support
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R3c’s telephonic support program offers the physical, emotional, and interpersonal professional help that many individuals need following a critical incident. Start resolving the psychological trauma affecting your employees today by developing a sense of safety, community, and hope.

Facilitated Discussions

The ability to discuss and resolve conflict or resentment in the workplace before it boils over and impacts employee performance is vital to creating a proactive culture of cohesive support and harmony.

R3 Continuum’s Facilitated Discussions involve:

  • Enhancing mutual understanding in the group through greater clarity
  • Expanding perspective – taking and validating the experiences of others
  • Improving cohesion through respectful discourse empowering decisions based on empathy

Through this, we’ll help
your team:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Minimize distractions to improve productivity/safety
  • Identify effective interpersonal and coping technique
  • Reduce work group tension
  • Enhance morale
“Facilitated discussions are not debates. They are the beginning point for improved group functioning and a spirit of unity to take hold and push your business forward.”
While differences in opinion are normal and will arise, addressing these frustrations with moderated discussions reinforces unity and a collective growth mindset that eliminates a winners or losers mentality. As a neutral third party, R3c’s Continuum’s facilitators, trained in mediation principles, moderate interactive discussions to increase mutual respect, understanding, cohesion, and communication. Topics are unique to the work setting and may include diversity, racial tension, inequity, generational differences, and political divides.

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