Effective response and recovery after a disruption

Helping organizational leaders confidently and effectively respond to and recover from disruption in the workplace. Enhancing their ability to support employee’s psychological wellbeing by instilling a sense of safety, community, and hope.

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As a leader, you’re not always able to predict when workplace disruption will occur. However, you can ensure your organization is equipped with the ability to support your employees’ psychological wellbeing when it does. R3 Continuum (R3c) provides timely and customized support designed to empower leaders, instill a sense of safety, normalize human response, and enhance natural resilience at all levels of an organization. Our solutions give you the ability to respond to disruption confidently and help your organization recover more rapidly.

R3 Continuum’s Workplace Disruption Response & Recovery solutions equip leadership teams and employees with proactive support measures and an array of response solutions that strengthen organizations in the face of internal or external threats. For over 30 years, R3 Continuum has helped companies pick up the pieces after natural disasters, violence, political unrest and more, including headlining events such as September 11, the Las Vegas shooting; Hurricanes Katrina, Andrew, Harvey, Maria, Irma, Sandy and Florence; the Japan Tohoku earthquake and tsunami; the Boston Marathon bombing; the California wildfires and many other disruptions in the workplace (e.g., mass layoffs, rioting, death of an employee, catastrophic injury, active shooters, etc.).  R3 Continuum provides both the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver tailored solutions that respond to your organization’s unique needs.


What might your team need? Learn more about our various workplace disruption response & recovery solutions:

Disruptive Event Management (DEM)

Immediate, expert assistance that helps organizations and their people recover following critical incidents in the workplace.

24/7 Telephonic Support

In the aftermath of disruption, we offer a service that provides outreach calls to impacted employees, as well as a dedicated phone line, giving them 24/7 access to trained clinicians and emotional support. This type of support gives the opportunity to have discreet 1:1 conversations, providing them with a safe outlet to talk.

"R3c's onsite counselor was absolutely amazing! She stayed until the work was done and I was extremely impressed with how situational she was with each group/individual interaction."

- R3c Disruption Response and Recovery Customer

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