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Behavioral health solutions for the emotional complexities of workplace disruption, violence, critical incidents, and extreme stress.

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Helping Organizations Like Yours Thrive Through the Emotional Impact of Disruption

We can help you lead through disruption. When your people flourish, your business flourishes. When their well-being suffers, the work suffers. Whether the disruption happened at work (or not), it can affect your business for the long-term. That’s why it is critical to quickly address the impact and help your employees move forward. 

Leading while navigating your own grief, disbelief, concerns, fears, etc. can be challenging, all while ensuring your employees and business are ok. You don’t have to face disruption alone. Who you call when disaster strikes your organization makes a difference. Ensure you are leveraging a leader in helping your workplace respond to and recover any kind of circumstance. 

Experience matters, act now to choose productivity, focus, and positive workplace engagement.

When a plane landed in the Hudson River, our team of critical incident counselors were on the shore before the passengers were off the plane.

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When the worst happens, you want the best, most experienced disruptive event management experts by your side.

We respond to more than 2,500 workplace disruption incidents per month

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How We Can Help


Disruption Response and Recovery


Disruption can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any size company. As a leader, you are tasked with supporting the response and recovery of your organization. You don’t have to face that task alone. At R3c, we help you overcome the challenges of disruption when they happen, and help you, your people, and organization recover. 

Our Solutions

The emotional impact of disruption, if left unsupported, can erode your people and organization. Choose a path to recovery instead. R3c can help.


Workplace Violence Warning Signs and Aftermath Management


As an employer you carry the responsibility of creating a workplace that is safe from harm and death, including from violence. As a leader this can be challenging. How do you know that a threat is viable? How do you know that the employee you are terminating will not come back to cause harm? The risk to your organization is very real. R3c has experts on staff who can help you mitigate the risk, while maintaining a safe work environment.

Our Solutions

If you suspect workplace violence may happen, call R3c. Don’t wait. 


Employee Behavioral Health Support


All levels of the organization experience personal disruption – whether it occurs in our out of the work environment. Ensuring you are equipped with a solution that can help your employee get convenient access to behavioral health support when they need it most is imperative to their recovery. R3c will tightly collaborate with your organization and a trusted local counselor to provide high-touch, custom-tailored support for your employee helping them on the road to recovery. 

Our Solutions

Ensuring all levels of your organization have access to convenient, accessible, and focused behavioral health support is pivotal with today’s post-pandemic workforce. R3c can help.


Leadership Support Through Complex Employment Decisions


Complex employment decisions such as ensuring an employee is psychologically fit to handle the responsibilities of the job, able to safely perform their current job duties, or equipped with the right high touch performance coaching support for taking their career to the next level, can be challenging without the right resource to guide you. R3c can equip you with the ability to make confident decisions to these complex situations by providing you with the necessary tools, support, and defensible information you need.

Our Solutions

Ensure you have the ability to optimize business performance and enhance your brand culture, all while protecting your bottom line and reputation.

Types of Workplace Disruptions You May Be Experiencing

Receive Help and Guidance Every Step of the Way

Acute Disruptions

Whether the disruption is expected or unexpected, acute disruptions are singular events that can have a serious impact on your employee’s morale, wellbeing and on the organization’s ability to recover from the impact. 

Critical Incidents

Mass shootings, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, industrial and mining incidents, and more, large-scale incidents such as these that we see on the headline news can have an impact on the human recovery of your organization. Ensuring you get support from an expert who understands the complexity of navigating a high-profile disruption is key to ensuring your organization receives the support needed for an effective recovery. 

Systemic Disruption

Like waves hitting the shoreline of an ocean, systemic disruption is when a consistent and ongoing set of disruptions impact our lives. After a while of going through so much constant disruption it can take a toll on our ability to remain resilient, to cope and ultimately recover from the disruption. 

Don't let the impact of disruption erode the culture you have established.

Unique Solutions for Your Unique Situation

Your organization has specific needs and circumstances, so your plan will be 100% custom-tailored.

Start with a custom plan that identifies teams and resources

Pay for resources only when you use them

Achieve preparedness and peace of mind

After an event, have a team on-site within hours

Effectively lead your team to recovery

Your To-Do List

Ensure You Have the Right Tools and Support in Place


Equip Yourself in Advance

When a disruption occurs is not the time for a leader to be looking for a solution on how to manage the disruption and take care of their people. Making certain you are equipped with the right support so that you can respond in a timely manner aids in your ability to provide a more effective recovery for both your people and your organization.


Empower Yourself with Resources

R3c provides tools for your leaders and your employees to assure they have understanding around workplace violence, the impact of disruption and how to navigate it, along with other useful information that can be leveraged within your work environment.


Support Your Workforce

The workplace today is different than the workplace of yesterday. Confirm that you have the right solutions in place for supporting your employees’ needs. R3c’s solutions are convenient, effective, and meet your employees where they are, taking the lift off of them and you so that they can begin their recovery journey and ultimately thrive.


Unmatched Resources

Your team at R3c has prepared additional free resources to help you support employee behavioral health. Knowledge is power.

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