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When an employee is suffering, how can you best support their emotional and physical healing while promoting re-engagement at work?


Emotional barriers resulting from a traumatic event are a normal part of the human experience, but can hinder an employee in returning to work and prevent them from living a full and vibrant life after an impactful event. For example, if an employee experiences a robbery at their workplace, they will likely fear the occurrence of another robbery should they return to work. Similarly, healthcare professionals experiencing PTSD from losing patients at the workplace may have difficulty coming back to work following emotionally triggering losses.


Understandably, most companies are not staffed with experts equipped with the clinical skills required to effectively navigate and support these complex cases— including vetting and selecting licensed therapists, monitoring treatment efficacy, problem-solving, and on-going communication.



That’s where R3 Continuum comes in.


Our case coordination services ensure your employees get the support they need while guarding against lost productivity and high claim costs. We seamlessly coordinate all case aspects to speed your employees’ recovery and return to work.


What R3 Continuum’s case coordination services include:


  • A dedicated, master’s level mental health clinician grounded in the most up-to-date best practices
  • Virtual or in-person connection between the employee and a qualified counselor
  • Comprehensive review of counseling session notes to ensure focus centers on employee recovery and return to work after suffering from the effects of distressful workplace or personal incidents
  • Monthly communication and coordination among the employee, counselor, and employer
  • Telephonic support, problem-solving, and recommendations for next steps



We’re here when the stakes are high – for your employees and your company. R3 Continuum will help your team cope and thrive.


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