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Have you recently received a threat of violence towards you or the organization?

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Workplace violence is shocking, hugely disruptive, and altogether too common. And while social service workers, security guards, law enforcement, and healthcare workers unfortunately may be at higher risk, violent incidents can happen to anyone, regardless of your organization’s size, risk factors, industry, or location.


How, then, can you build a physically and psychologically safe workplace that supports your people and your organization?


When you work with R3c, you have a team of experienced behavioral threat experts who understand how the violent mind works, as well as the tremendous negative impact that acts of violence can have in a workplace.

What Defines Workplace Violence?

"Workplace violence is any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the worksite" reports the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

As an organization, you have the responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees from injury and harm. Do you suspect that an individual could become violent? Have you received a threat?

What are the Signs of Potential Workplace Violence?

For many people, assessing workplace violence risk can be difficult – and concerns can be easy to dismiss – unless you have decades of experience. Here are some of the signs of potential workplace violence, to be aware of:
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Negative change in behavior

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Harassment and bullying

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Threats of violence

Violence Mitigation Strategies

1. Be Prepared​

Don’t be taken by surprise. Have risk management prevention strategies in place and behavioral threat experts on standby. Where appropriate, screen and train members of your staff on how to engage support solutions, such as:


  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations with violence screening – Personalized medical-legal assessment that helps address concerns regarding an employee’s ability to work, and assists you when concerns about anger, hostility, or threats to others are present.
  • Threat of Violence Assessments and Management – Timely assessment and consultation to determine if a threat poses a risk to individuals, employees, or the organization.
  • Training programs for threat diffusion and violence prevention – These solutions are overseen by one of only 400 certified threat managers in the country specializing in recognizing and mitigating incidents of workplace violence.

2. Be Proactive

A workplace violence prevention program can protect you and your co-workers from harm and protect your company from negligence. Ensure you have the appropriate support in place for when concerns of violence (or actual threats) occur. You don’t need to handle the threat alone. R3c has the expertise and infrastructure to support you. We have the tools to help you understand whether it is a true threat, and if it is, to effectively mitigate the threatening situation.

3. Act Immediately

If you spot the signs of potential workplace violence, take action right now. This cannot be overstated: prepare in advance, know who to call, and respond instantly.
Threats must be taken very seriously and acted upon with speed and proven methodologies.

Who do you call if you receive a threat or perceive a threat?

The physical and psychological safety of your organization and its people is too important to trust to anyone but the top behavioral threat experts. R3c has helped many organizations effectively diffuse threatening situations. We can help your organization, too.

  • Due diligence prevention
  • Fast, trusted threat identification and management support
  • Care for employees mental health
  • Help establish a culture of psychological safety in your work environment

Whether it’s a challenging employment termination, disciplinary actions, disgruntled customers, or behavior that is escalating, R3c can assess the seriousness of the situation, consult with your organization on the next steps, and manage and diffuse the situation.

Don't risk the lives of your people, reputation of your
organization, or the backlash of doing nothing.

Solutions that Work in the Real World

“We had a difficult situation where a threat was made. We called R3c, and they immediately started to assist. Not only was R3c able to help de-escalate the situation but were able to create solutions that helped them recover from the underlying personal crisis as well.”


– R3c Workplace Violence Mitigation Customer

“A customer had been held hostage during an attempted robbery. The R3c clinician worked with the impacted employees and the manager following the traumatic event. R3c’s clinician supported them, helped the manager in supporting the rest of the team, and conducted in-person group and individual sessions the very next day.”


– R3c Behavioral Support in Action

The Leader in Behavioral Health
Following Workplace Violence

Preparing for workplace violence, or responding to the disruption it causes, can be an overwhelming responsibility.
Navigate and lead your organization through incredibly difficult times with the help of R3c.
R3c was there to help with the specialty workplace behavioral health support and mitigation strategies following the very worst of days:
  • 9/11 terrorist attacks. We helped organizations recover.
  • Mass shooters. We continue to help organizations recover.
  • Civil unrest. R3c was on site.
  • Many more. We are there with violence mitigation support through the lens of behavioral health.

Help your organization navigate a worst-case scenario with our massive network of behavioral threat experts who can respond at size and scale when and where you need it most.

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Recovery is a choice. Support Your team and your business with
a customized workplace violence mitigation approach.

Expertise: 2 of only 50 forensic psychologists in the world
who are certified threat managers are with R3c.

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With industry leading credentials and thousands of hours of clinical practice, R3C experts are committed to the well-being of your organization.


Education, experience, insights, and empathy. The R3C difference is a direct outcome of the investments of our team into our mission – and most importantly, – your success. Psychological evaluation, testing, threat assessments, threat management, crisis counseling, and suicide prevention are just some of the areas of deep subject matter and operational expertise that we bring to your organization and your people. Visit Our Team page to read about the backgrounds and abilities of RC3 s people.

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