Workplace Behavioral Health Support

Corporate mental health: How to identify concerns, address them, and improve employee productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

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Why Support Workplace Behavioral and Mental Health?

50% of Business Leaders Icon


of business leaders suffer
twice the depression rate of the general population

77% of US Employees Icon


of US employees reported
feeling emotional,
behavioral, and physical
signs and symptoms of
burnout in the workplace

20% of Employee Stress Icon


of employee stress levels
have risen in the
past three decades

$150-$350 Billion Icon


billion is lost annually
to employee burnout
in US businesses alone

“I’ve reduced my burnout, restored my health, and improved my overall happiness. This service is so much more
personalized and deeper than contacting a call center. “


– R3c Executive Optimization Customer

R3c is the only organization in the world that helps you to proactively support all levels of your organization, from high-level leadership to entry-level by strengthening your ability to resolve disruption and help those who are struggling to receive the right level of behavioral health support when they need it most.
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Strategies to Support Behavioral Health in the Workplace

1. Case Coordination

2. Senior Leader Behavioral Health Support

Workplace Behavioral Health: Keep All Levels of Your Organization Focused and Engaged

In today’s work environment, workplace wellbeing is vital to your growth and success, but finding and choosing the best solutions to protect and cultivate it can be challenging.


At R3(c) Continuum, we partner with you to understand your organization’s unique needs and co-create custom solutions to keep all levels of your organization focused and engaged.

Case Coordination Solutions

As workplace behavioral health and disruption experts, we understand firsthand that no individual is immune to the traumatic and life-altering effects of disruption, both at home and in the workplace.

Our case coordination solutions pinpoint and immediately address disruption when it occurs, providing the support and care to prevent the advancement of behavioral health problems that can significantly affect your business, employees, families, and friends.

What to Expect?

We provide the support you need in connecting your employee with trusted clinical professionals in their area, with a focus on addressing the residual barriers caused by the disruptive event.


We build on already existing relationships and support channels, working intimately with your employee to resolve the personal and organizational impact of what they have experienced. Our support is focused on addressing the barriers they are experiencing and helping them to regain the psychological strength to return to work happily with a renewed sense of relief and purpose.


Our experts deliver direct insights into the progress of the support with proactive and personalized behavioral support
recommendations that work to increase performance, loyalty, and overall happiness through:

  • A dedicated, master’s level mental health clinician grounded in the most up-to-date best practice
  • Virtual or in-person connection between the employee and a qualified counselor within their area
  • Comprehensive review of counseling session notes to ensure focus centers on employee recovery and return to work after
    suffering from the effects of distressful workplace or personal incident
  • Monthly communication and coordination among the employee, counselor, and employer
Senior Leadership Behavioral Health Support
Exclusive high-touch support delivered with the upmost level of discretion and convenience.

Organizational leaders are often positioned as office
superheroes and frequently placed on a podium. This level of pressure, whether new to the role or tenured, can bring a sense of responsibility and a need to model the superhero persona. With that, other more traditional support approaches are often neglected, putting a leader in a vulnerable position of weakening behavioral health.


Business leaders and executives are often stretched thin with high levels of responsibility to grow their business and reputation on top of the constant pressure to perform. It’s not uncommon that prolonged periods of stress juggling long hours, travel, and public scrutiny can lead to increased anxiety, burnout, and depression among leaders.


When left unprepared or unaddressed, compulsive coping behaviors and compromised decision-making at the leadership level as a result of this stress can cost businesses millions of dollars. With R3c’s senior leadership behavioral health support, you can actively prevent the irreversible loss of reputation and the large expense of replacing your key leadership.


This high-touch support approach prioritizes and proactively strengthens leadership to relieve high levels of stress and fatigue. Not only does this lead to happier and more productive leaders, but executives who prioritize their mental health lead to a holistic culture of inclusion and care.

Our customized, objective, and timely high-touch behavioral health support for senior leadership is delivered through discreet, professional channels to promote the well being and resilience of your leadership teams. We help break down the stigma attached to mental health, vulnerability, and weakness that can deter leaders from seeking the help they need.

Solutions that Work in the Real World

“This service has real impact vis-à-vis improved health, reduced burnout, and overall happiness improvement. I did try to reach out to the organization’s standard health line about a year and a half ago and only got a call center with folks who were not at the level of personal coaching that I needed….so this is at an entirely deeper and more valued level.”


– Senior Leader Behavioral Health Support Customer

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