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Fitness For Duty Evaluation with Violence Screen

A personalized assessment of an individual’s psychological capacity to work and consideration of their potential to commit violence

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Workplace Safety

Equipping leaders so they can make confident employment decisions, particularly when concerns of threats or violence are of present.

When faced with an employee who is showing concerning behaviors such as excessive use of alcohol or drugs, unexplained absenteeism, decline in job performance, resistant to change at work, emotional mood swings, or bouts of anger or hostility, it can be concerning that there is a potential risk of violence to the organization. During this high-stress time it is imperative that you can confidently take the right form of action that is in the best interest for the safety of the employee and the organization. 

A fitness for duty evaluation with violence screen (FFD-VS) provides the same psychological capacity assessment that the standard FFD provides, yet in addition helps identify if this employee has the propensity to commit violence in the near future and provides you with the much-needed information and support to make appropriate and confident decisions on next steps. 

R3’s FFD-VS assessment evaluates an employee’s ability to work and screens for violence using a validated 21-point model of risk factors when concerns of potential anger, hostility, or threats to others are present. FFD-VS can be used as part of a comprehensive Violence Mitigation initiative, or a la carte. Additionally, in the event immediate support is required, our threat of violence experts are available to help you mitigate the risk of violence every step of the way.

Note: Should a concern for violence not be present, we offer a standard FFD option.

Components of a FFD-VS:

  • Face-to-face, clinical interview of the employee.
  • Psychological/neuropsychological testing and assessment depending on specialty.
  • Collateral interviews as requested with treating providers, family, friends, or co-workers.
  • Review of the employee’s diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and estimated timeframe for recovery.
  • Identification of functional limitations and restrictions as applicable.
  • Recommendations provided for workplace modifications and treatment.
  • Screen for and identify prominent and foreseeable violence risk factors.
  • Identify any functional limitations and restrictions specifically related to problems with anger, hostility, or aggression and the predictable impact on work performance.
  • Recommendations for workplace safety.

When to engage: Situations that warrant a FFD-VS:

  • When questions about an employee’s ability to perform essential job duties involve concerns about anger, hostility, or threats to harm others.
  • When an employee has communicated a threat of violence, thoughts of self-harm, thoughts of harm to others, thoughts of or preoccupation with revenge, anger, or having been wronged.
  • When an employee has demonstrated harassing, stalking, or obsessive behavior.
  • When an employee has acted in an unusual manner or has been agitated.

What you can expect: Guidance from certified threat experts

Don’t leave the safety of your organization to chance, ensure the support received is provided by experts who understand both the clinical and violent mind. R3 is committed to ensuring you receive an unbiased, third-party opinion on the situation, that provides you with the information needed to make a confident and defensible employment decision, while keeping your organization and people safe.

Employer sends request for FFD-VS to R3
R3 reveiws request & identifies FFD-VS is appropriate solution
R3 schedules evaluation with available clinician
Evaluation & violence screen are conducted
Report of findings & recommendations is drafted & quality-checked
Employer is provided report of findings

R3 Can Help

Key benefits of utilizing R3 for helping protect the safety of your people and organization with FFD-VS:


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