Leadership Support Through Complex Employment Decisions

Support at all levels: Helping leaders ensure employees are psychologically fit for their roles and that they are equipped with the tools needed to perform at their optimal level.

R3c's Workplace Leadership Support in Action: 30+ Years of Experience

“R3c is the BEST to do business with! I rave about your services to my managers, directors, and VPs. The reports developed for our FFD employees are first-rate. We know exactly how to handle the case after receiving the reports. I am so thankful for R3c!”


– R3c Fitness For Duty Evaluation Customer

You Don't Need to Face Workplace Complexities Alone

Every day as a leader, you are faced with making business, employee, and, depending on your role, departmental decisions. You are also tasked with overseeing operational tasks, the health and safety of your organization, and ensuring employee satisfaction and overall wellbeing. At times, the normal day-to-day activities and management of the organization can be disrupted when employee behavior becomes concerning, a leader needs transitional support for their new role, or you have an open position that requires the right psychological fit. You don’t have to face these workplace complexities alone.


You carry the obligation of needing to help protect your people, the organization, and your reputation. Let R3 Continuum help you by providing the support needed to ensure you make a defensible and informed decision.

Workplace Leadership Support Solutions:
How to ensure candidates and employees are psychologically fit to work?

Especially in places of high-stress employment where consistent exposure to dangerous and emotionally exhausting circumstances arise, proper screening is imperative to ensure you are hiring the right candidate for the position or making the right employment decision when the question of safety is present.

R3c's Pre Employment Psychological Screening

Ensure you hire employees who meet your psychological, emotional, and cognitive requirements – especially critical for positions that are considered essential.


Upon your conditional job offer, R3c’s pre-employment psychological screening further informs the selection process by assessing psychological, emotional, and cognitive requirements hiring managers are not trained to screen for in the interview process. This helps them select employees who are equipped and optimized to perform in critical positions.

What You Receive with R3c’s pre-employment
psychological screening:

  • A clinical interview of your candidate, conducted either in-person or virtually
  • Expert review of the position description, worksite conditions, and job characteristics
  • Identification of factors expected to impact occupational performance
  • A psychological test and assessment to determine suitability for the position

Fitness For Duty Evaluations

Ensure you have the defensible information on whether an individual is fit and safe to perform the essential duties of their job. With escalating levels of varying mental illness, employees can, at times, develop issues like stress-related substance abuse — dramatically increasing the need for fitness for duty (FFD) solutions in the workplace and for leaders to be as informed as possible.

That's where R3 Continuum comes in

We offer you the most comprehensive and timely FFDs tailored to every situation, including best practice violence screening. 

R3c’s FFD evaluations provide:

A face-to-face clinical interview of the employee, either virtually or in person

Valid and reliable psychological testing and fitness for duty assessments to determine if the employee has the functional capacity to work

A review of the employee’s diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and timeframe for recovery (if medical records are available)

An evaluation of work capacity (mental) and delineated workplace restrictions if necessary

Check-in as needed with the current treatment team and management

Immediate wrap-around security and behavioral health support if available should an FFD uncover concerns such as the threat of violence, substance use, or cognitive impairment

Performance Coaching

Supporting Leadership with Tailored Professional Development

As leaders move into new positions, take on additional responsibilities, or are targeted for continued growth within an organization, having outside third-party unbiased support and coaching can be the game changer in enhancing their professional growth and overall contribution to the organization.


Organizations that look to invest in the development of their leaders are more likely to see leader behaviors that foster a work environment of psychological safety and ultimately lead to creating a safer work environment that results in higher performance overall.


When considering a professional development program that is the right fit for your overall organization, it is imperative to consider one that can be tailored to fit the unique nuances of your organization. A solution that provides a comprehensive approach to address both performance and behavioral development areas. R3c is that solution.

Quote @ Bottom Leadership Page

“I wanted to send a quick note to appreciate the opportunity to receive such high-quality coaching. I have been working with my coach since shortly before my promotion last year. I’ve benefited tremendously from these sessions and am so happy to see the organization putting energy and funds to boost senior leadership performance and mental fitness. Terrific initiative!”


 – Executive Performance Coaching Client

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