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Every strong leader needs a support team, especially when it comes to their own behavioral health. We support top leaders in optimizing their performance, brand, culture and bottom line.

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On a daily basis, leaders are faced with the challenge of making critical decisions. Whether it be hiring someone for an emotionally sensitive role, deciding if an employee is psychologically able to perform the duties of their job, or making strategic business choices, leaders have a lot on their plate. R3 Continuum helps you to confidently navigate complex employee and business-related decisions, increasing your ability to act and support the needs and psychological wellbeing of your organization.

Learn more about our workplace leadership support solutions:

Pre-employment Psychological Screening

Specialized examination to assess whether a job candidate meets the psychological, emotional, and cognitive requirements of a position and inform a confident hiring decision.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Personalized assessments provide an unbiased and professional evaluation of an individual's ability to safely perform his or her essential job duties, and allow you to make more confident employment decisions.

“The evaluation is very good and so far beyond check the box. There’s a lot in there that will help our employee get back on his feet.”

- R3c Leadership Support Customer

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