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Mental Wellness: Solving the Work-Life Balance Puzzle For Lawyers

Navigating the legal world requires more than a sharp mind—it demands an unwavering spirit. Every day, lawyers grapple with the intricacies of the law and a challenge just as complex: maintaining mental wellness amidst ceaseless demands. The office lights burn late into the night, case files stack high, and the responsibility to uphold justice weighs […]

How to Identify and Manage Symptoms of Lawyer Burnout

Navigating through a legal career is challenging with long hours, the need to advance in one’s career, client demands, balancing home and work life, and more. Lawyers must be consistently sharp, poised, and resilient, refraining from displaying vulnerability while continuously delving deeper into the intricacies of complex cases and client demands. But there’s another side to […]

Resilience Training For Lawyers: Everything You Need to Know

Working in the field of law isn’t for the faint-hearted. After graduating from law school and passing the American Bar Association (ABA), lawyers are often expected to deliver results, even when stretched thin. We’ve all had those days where the pressure seems unrelenting, the clock ticking away, and yet more work piles onto the desk. […]

Sandy Hook Shooting

R3 was called in to provide behavioral health support to the call center employees following the disruption of the shooting. These employees needed direct support in order to function and remain operational during this time, something that was very difficult to do after the horrendous loss.

Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Through the support provided by R3, the airline carrier’s employees were able to complete their mission. R3 crisis consultants played a key role in helping the airline carrier to address their flight crews’ safety concerns and make them feel comfortable under stressful conditions—allowing the necessary recovery efforts and operations to continue in Japan.

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