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Hawaii Wildfires: R3 Disruption Response & Recovery

Incident Type Environmental Disaster Location Lahaina Maui, Hawaii Media Report Details Deaths: 100+, dozens wounded Estimated Costs of Damage: $5.5 Billion What happened during the Hawaii Wildfires? On August 8th, 2023, the Hawaiian island of Maui experienced devastating wildfires, described as the deadliest in the state’s history. Fueled by strong winds from a nearby hurricane, […]

Evolving EAPs: Workplace Wellbeing

Join Jamie Gassmann and George Vergolias of R3 and Lucy Henry from First Sun EAP in a dynamic conversation exploring the transformative journey of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) in response to changing workplace dynamics, particularly in light of the pandemic. Delve into the evolution of EAPs from their inception to contemporary digital and video solutions. […]

Thriving in the Face of Disruption

Thrive with R3 offers invaluable insights to navigate challenges and drive positive transformation Co-hosts Jamie Gassmann and George Vergolias, seasoned experts from R3 Continuum, a trailblazer in workplace behavioral health delve into authentic conversations with industry leaders and individuals with personal stories of triumph over challenge. Uncover strategies to navigate adversity, lead with assurance, and enhance […]

Mitigating The Impact of Political and Social Unrest on Employee Mental Health

Today’s American workplaces are not immune to the effects of political and social unrest. The stress and division such events cause can significantly impact employees’ mental health and, by extension, their productivity and cohesion at work. Recognizing this, companies have a crucial role in actively supporting their staff through these challenging times. Recent events, from […]

Navigating Workplace Disruption: Executive Guide to Managing Layoffs and Reduction in Force

Managing layoffs, furloughs, and reductions in force (RIF) pose a significant challenge for executives today. Human resources (HR) professionals face the delicate task of balancing organizational restructuring with compassionate employee support. The tough decisions to reduce headcount affect a company’s financial health and the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the departing and remaining staff. As […]

Crisis Management: Executive Guide to Workplace Disruption Response and Recovery

Today’s corporate environment commonly experiences both external and internal disruptions, ranging from natural disasters to organizational changes. These challenges impact business operations and employees’ mental and emotional health. Organizations must build resilience to adapt to and recover from these disruptions effectively. Trends indicate a significant increase in incidents impacting workplaces: workplace deaths increased by 16%, […]

Addressing Workplace Trauma: A Modern Approach to Supporting Your Organization in the Wake of Disruption 

Organizations increasingly face many disruptions, from the personal crises of losing a colleague to widespread natural disasters, civil unrest, and global pandemicslike COVID-19. These disruptions challenge operational continuity and deeply impact employees’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Addressing the aftermath and preparing proactively for such events is crucial.  Yet, many organizations find themselves grappling with a lack of preparedness, particularly regarding mental health support and […]

Leading Through Loss: Disruptive Event Management Following the Unexpected Death of a Coworker

In the intricate workplace ecosystem, the unexpected death of a coworker casts a long shadow that touches the hearts and minds of everyone in the organization. Such losses are profound and resonate beyond personal grief to challenge the company’s spirit and operational rhythm. Managing such a disruptive event with sensitivity, understanding, and foresight is critical.  This problem […]

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