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Proactive Workplace Violence Prevention: A New Look at the Behavioral Health Side of Workplace Safety

September Webinar 1

When thinking about workplace safety and security, most people think about the physical aspect of security and providing safety to employees. However, what if there is more to it than that? Something that is less commonly discussed or considered is the behavioral health side of workplace safety and security. As time goes on, we have learned that workplace violence incidents often present red flags ahead of time, which can stem from underlying mental health issues. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, over 2 million U.S. employees are victims of workplace violence each year, but what if there was a way besides physical security measures to help mitigate and prevent workplace violence?

In this Ask the Expert style webinar, R3 Continuum’s Medical Director, George Vergolias, PsyD, CTM, and Senior Vice President, Hart Brown, will be answering your questions about the behavioral health side of workplace safety and security.

In addition to answering your questions, our experts will provide insight on how you can spot red flags in an employee, resources and tips for mitigating workplace violence, and how you can support employee behavioral health proactively.  

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