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Thriving in Turbulent Times: Empowering Leaders Amidst Workplace Disruptions


In today’s fast-paced environment, unforeseen workplace disruptions triggered by internal and external factors are becoming commonplace, resulting in diminished employee engagement and productivity. We hope this conversation leads to a reevaluation of the strategies employed by business and HR leaders, driving them to rethink how they support their employees amidst such challenges. As disruptions increasingly challenge the emotional well-being of workplaces, our webinar offers key insights to empower organizational leaders with ideas and resources to navigate the current trends in crisis and disruption management within modern workplaces.

This webinar aims to equip organizational leaders with insights and support regarding the trending impact of crises and disruptions in today’s workplaces. Attendees will benefit from first-hand principles and experiences shared by Jeff Gorter, Vice President of Crisis Response Clinical Services at R3.

If you’re seeking ways to ensure your employees are emotionally supported following a crisis or disruption, whether internal or external, join us on our journey to make tomorrow better than today.

Helping People and Organizations Thrive

Workplace behavioral health is more important than ever. R3 provides innovative, tailored solutions to cultivate it.

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