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Tension with Colleagues: How to Disagree and Handle Discussions Professionally


As some organizations are now offering their employees the choice to return to work in the office or work from home, differences in preference and opinion will likely arise. While in practice this sounds like the fairest plan of action, it may leave you (as an employee) with a variety of feelings towards coworkers who choose a different option. When political opinions, disagreements, and pressure arise, this can lead to tension, lack of trust, and even resentment within the workplace.

It is important to have respectful discussions and conversations with your coworkers, but sometimes this can be difficult with heightened emotions.

In this 30-minute webinar, Jeff Gorter, MSW, LCSW, Vice President of Crisis Response Clinical Service at R3 Continuum will provide insight into how to professionally handle a disagreement with a colleague, relaxation techniques to practice, when to connect with your leader about an issue, what options are available for external help, and more.

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