Disruptive Event Management Consultant

Disruptive event management (DEM) consultants are instrumental in helping people and organizations recover from the distress caused by a disruptive workplace event. This could include downsizing, employee deaths, robberies, forces of nature, and many other large and small-scale disruptions. DEM consultants provide customized support to client leadership and employees, and partner closely with leadership to develop effective response plans designed to suit the unique needs of various cultures and industries. Central to the role is helping employees enhance their natural resilience and bolstering the recovery of both individuals and teams by helping them normalize the common behavioral and psychological reactions to the event. The core purpose of a DEM consultant is to help people and organizations stay resilient and thrive in the midst of the unthinkable. To be a part of our disruptive event management consultant panel we require the following:

  • Master’s or doctorate-level degree
  • Active, in good standing state license
  • Professional liability insurance of $1 million/$3 million
  • Approved disruptive event management training see below for details regarding R3’s DEM training

"I've been working with R3 as a contractor for over three years. They're so friendly and professional."

- R3 DEM Consultant

The Best Practices in Disruptive Event Management (DEM) for the Workplace training (formerly known as critical incident response) provides comprehensive instruction on how to deliver services after disruptive events in the workplace. Training features the R3 approach, which is based on the latest research findings and best practices, and focuses on understanding cultural competency in the workplace setting and recognizes how the individual’s natural resiliency can be activated and enhanced. This workshop is presented by three trainers who have had extensive experience working in the field and providing training on the topic.   This program covers:

  • Disruptive events in the workplace, including definition and impact
  • The role of the EAP within a DEM event
  • Understanding the role of being a consultant in the work setting
  • Incorporating DEM principles to organizations, individuals, and work groups
  • Organizing a response to incidents in the workplace
  • Promoting employee resiliency and self-care

Cost is $175.00 and includes:

  • 7 hours of online training modules
  • 1 hour mentoring call
  • 8 hours towards certification from Assoc. of Traumatic Stress Specialists
  • 8 PDHs from EAPA’s Employee Assistance Certification Commission
  • Professional certificate of training from R3 Continuum

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January 1, 2019

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