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Mitigating The Impact of Political and Social Unrest on Employee Mental Health

Today’s American workplaces are not immune to the effects of political and social unrest. The stress and division such events cause can significantly impact employees’ mental health and, by extension, their productivity and cohesion at work. Recognizing this, companies have a crucial role in actively supporting their staff through these challenging times. Recent events, from […]

Navigating Workplace Disruption: Executive Guide to Managing Layoffs and Reduction in Force

Managing layoffs, furloughs, and reductions in force (RIF) pose a significant challenge for executives today. Human resources (HR) professionals face the delicate task of balancing organizational restructuring with compassionate employee support. The tough decisions to reduce headcount affect a company’s financial health and the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the departing and remaining staff. As […]

Crisis Management: Executive Guide to Workplace Disruption Response and Recovery

Today’s corporate environment commonly experiences both external and internal disruptions, ranging from natural disasters to organizational changes. These challenges impact business operations and employees’ mental and emotional health. Organizations must build resilience to adapt to and recover from these disruptions effectively. Trends indicate a significant increase in incidents impacting workplaces: workplace deaths increased by 16%, […]

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