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The R3 Continuum Playbook: The Interplay of Stress and Burnout: What They Are, How They Relate, and How to Combat Them

Linda Saggau, Chief of Staff and Chief Strategy Officer at R3 Continuum, is the presenter in this webinar excerpt on the intersection of stress and burnout.  While some stress can be positive, negative stress can lead to health impacts: both physical and mental. Stress also directly correlates to burnout. Although they are different, the two often go hand in hand. Linda highlighted the differences between the two, explained the magnitude of burnout and its impact, and more.


The full webinar can be found here.


The R3 Continuum Playbook is presented by R3 Continuum and is produced by the Minneapolis-St.Paul Studio of Business RadioX®. R3 Continuum is the sponsor of Workplace MVP, the show which celebrates heroes in the workplace.