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The R3 Continuum Playbook: Reducing the Stigma: Ways Leaders Can Support Employee Mental Health

In a recent webinar featuring Dr. Tyler Arvig, Associate Medical Director at R3 Continuum, Dr. Arvig addressed a variety of questions on employee mental health, and how leaders can make it easier for employees to request and receive behavioral health support. Dr. Arvig mentioned not only better communication, but more personal and honest conversation with employees, making modeling self-awareness and vulnerability a priority, being creative in balancing the needs of the organization with the needs of the employees, knowing when to pull in experts, and much more.


The full webinar can be found here.


The R3 Continuum Playbook is presented by R3 Continuum and is produced by the Minneapolis-St.Paul Studio of Business RadioX®. R3 Continuum is the sponsor of Workplace MVP, the show which celebrates heroes in the workplace.