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Every day, workplaces face major challenges created by disruption—be it the passing of employees, natural disasters, workplace violence, and more. And every day, there are remarkable workplace heroes who respond to those challenges by providing multi-level support and taking steps to prepare for future disruption. This show features these heroic workplace MVP’s (Most Valuable Professionals) and their stories. You will derive inspiration and hope, while exploring new and best practice approaches to preparing for, responding to, and overcoming the challenges of disruption in the workplace. Join us.

Show Host: Jamie Gassmann, MBA

Jamie hosts the Workplace MVP podcast and serves as Director of Marketing at R3 Continuum (R3c). She has over fourteen years of marketing experience working in and with various industries, including: banking, real estate, retail, crisis management, and insurance business continuity. Jamie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications and a Master of Business Administration from Paseka School of Business, Minnesota State University Moorhead.

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