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Seeking Help: How to Talk to Your Employer about Personal Disruption

Seeking Help Talking to Your Employer About Personal Disruption 2

We have all experienced daily struggles in the workplace – printer is jammed, computer won’t connect to the Wi-Fi, someone drank the last of the coffee pot, the little things—but what about the greater disruptions that happen outside of the workplace in your personal life?

Often, disruptions that happen outside of your work environment can heavily impact performance in the workplace as well. The death of a loved one, a car accident, a traumatic experience, health issues, and other challenges can all take a toll on your ability to thrive and remain focused at work. It can be tough to open up to your employer to discuss some of these issues, but it’s not something that should be left unaddressed.

In this 30-minute webinar, R3 Continuum Associate Director of Strategic Solutions, Sarah Hathaway, LMSW-C, will provide her professional insight on how to best approach your employer for support when dealing with personal disruption.

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