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Reducing the Stigma: Ways Leaders Can Support Employee mental Health

Reducing the Stigma - Ways Leaders Can Support Employee Mental Health_2

The mental health and overall wellbeing of employees remain a top priority for organizations. One of the biggest issues surrounding mental health is a lack of awareness for the level of support needed, as well as the overall stigma that surrounds mental health struggles—particularly within the professional realm. Ensuring that you are providing the proper resources and support employees need, in addition to positioning yourself as a trustworthy, approachable, and transparent leader, will be key going forward.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been a significant increase in rates of depression and anxiety. If these challenges are left unaddressed, they can have a significant impact on employees and your business itself. What are some strategies that leaders and organizations can use to create a transparent work environment, to reduce the mental health stigma and increase resources and support for employees who may be struggling?

By attending this presentation participants will:

  • Discuss how mental health has shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Identify mental health resources available to employees
  • Describe the importance of supporting employees who may be struggling with mental health issues
  • Demonstrate ways that leadership can be more vulnerable, in order to create a more transparent environment in the workplace

With over thirty years of workplace behavioral health experience, our goal is to provide a better understanding of the importance of mental health in the workplace, while providing you with numerous options of resources and ways you can support your employees’ mental wellbeing.

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