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Coordinating Compassionate Care After Disruption — Not Your Typical Counseling

Coordinating Compassionate Care After Disruption Not Your Typical Counseling 1

As behavioral health becomes more widely acknowledged and talked about within the workplace, leaders are aware of the need for accessible resources to support anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues their employees face.

However, something that is less commonly discussed is that employees need a different kind of behavioral health support after a disruption that impacts the workplace. This could be a coworker getting in a fender bender, or a large event like a natural disaster. Disruption can affect your employees both inside and outside of their work environment.

Whether it affects one person or the entire organization – ensuring those impacted by a disruption have the proper support and resources available to them is a key responsibility of being a leader. If the behavioral health of your employees is left unaddressed, this could have lasting effects on both the employees and organization long after the disruption occurs.

In this webinar, R3 Continuum’s Vice President of Crisis Response Clinical Service, Jeff Gorter, MSW, LCSW, will answer your questions about the behavioral health impact on your employees following a disruption.

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