Case Coordination

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have no choice but to navigate accelerating change and complex challenges. Unfortunately, for some, this will seriously impact their behavioral health, productivity, coping skills, and overall ability to thrive both personally and professionally.


While traditional channels of support are valuable, most do not provide experts equipped with the clinical skills required to effectively navigate and support complex cases— including vetting and selecting licensed therapists, monitoring treatment efficacy, problem-solving, and on-going communication.


When an employee is suffering, how can you optimize support to promote emotional and physical healing, and re-engagement at work?


R3 Continuum can help.


Our case coordination services ensure your employees get the support they need while guarding against lost productivity and high claim costs. We expertly and seamlessly coordinate all case aspects to speed your employees’ recovery and return to work.


What R3c’s case coordination provides:

  • A dedicated, master’s level mental health clinician grounded in latest best practices
  • Virtual or onsite connection between the employee and a qualified counselor in their community
  • Comprehensive review of counseling session notes to ensure focus centers on employee recovery and return to work after suffering from the effects of Covid-19 or other distressful incidents
  • Monthly communication and coordination among the employee, counselor, and company
  • Telephonic support, problem-solving, and recommendations


In these challenging times, we are here to help you and your people cope and thrive. Talk to us.

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