R3 Continuum and the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) Announce MDT Partnership at NOVA 46

R3 Continuum (R3c) is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor for our debut at the 46th Annual NOVA Conference. We are pleased to announce our groundbreaking initiative with NOVA, to expand our ability to further serve organizations, communities, and individuals impacted by disasters and catastrophic events.



Join us to advocate for survivors and assist in providing access to emergency support and practical resources following devastating events.


In the aftermath of disasters and catastrophes, multiple complex factors impact survivors and their ability to effectively access supportive services. Unfortunately, survivors experience seemingly insurmountable obstacles while attempting to apply for or gain access to emergency resources. Individuals and their families face unanticipated, frustrating delays in addition to secondary victimization as they attempt to mitigate the impact, scope, and extent of post-incident recovery.


R3c/NOVA MDT can help.


Through our MDT Partnership, we have a customized suite of services designed to provide continuity of care, direct linkage to services, and timely access to practical resources. We closely monitor each event, to provide additional support and information as it becomes available. Our clients benefit from our ability to help navigate the disaster relief process and implement pre or post disaster protocols. Our MDT services include:


  • Victim Advocacy and Assistance
  • Virtual or Onsite Assessment of Needs
  • Pre and Post Disaster Consultation
  • Virtual or Onsite Services
  • Customized Onsite and Virtual Training
  • Direct Linkage to Resources and Crisis Services
  • Client/family advocacy for local, out of state and national programs


R3c is a global leader in workplace behavioral health. We provide expert, reliable, responsive, and tailored behavioral health solutions to promote resilience, wellbeing and performance in the face of an ever-changing and often unpredictable world. We offer a full spectrum of services, including crisis response, advocacy, training, evaluations, executive optimization, clinical services, and more to help your organization and people thrive. Behavioral health is more important than ever. We can help.


View our full flyer of service here: R3 Continuum/NOVA MDT Partnership


We invite you to learn more about R3c, as a client, partner, consultant, or network provider. Contact us to begin the conversation or visit us virtually during the NOVA 46th Annual Virtual Conference July 20 – 31. We look forward to connecting with you soon!


If you are a NOVA conference attendee and would like information on our upcoming Monday (7/27) meeting, email us at R3.NOVA@R3c.com.


View our full press release here: R3 Continuum/NOVA MDT Partnership Press Release


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For emergency assistance please contact Laurie Sigalos, Director, Strategic Solutions, EO at R3 Continuum 952-641-0643 or R3.NOVA@R3c.com.


For additional information about MDT services or to speak with us directly, contact R3c/NOVA Partnership with the form below.

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