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Erin Tonda

Vice President of Business Development

About Erin

As the Vice President of Business Development at R3 Continuum, Erin Tonda brings a wealth of experience and expertise in sales and customer service to the forefront of workplace wellness, crisis management, and behavioral health. With a track record spanning over four years at R3 Continuum, Erin has been instrumental in partnering with customers across diverse industries. She excels in assessing their unique needs, designing tailored programs, and delivering impactful outcomes. Erin’s commitment to serving others was demonstrated in her role as a Victim/Survivor Navigator at the Battle Creek Community Foundation. There, she directed a significant grant, serving victims and survivors affected by mass critical incidents, showcasing her leadership, advocacy, and crisis management skills. Erin’s academic journey includes a Master’s Degree in Tax Law/Taxation from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Tax Law/Taxation from Michigan State University College of Law.

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