Maintaining Adaptive Capacity

Adaptive Capacity refers to a leader’s ability to respond to an unexpected shock or challenge, such as what most experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


As we have navigated the unexpected and ever changing challenges presented by COVID-19 most leaders have been faced with decisions, stressors, and staff concerns they have never experienced in their careers. Couple that with the personal stressors of work life balancing that has also presented additional levels of complexity to their workday. This all has a toll on a leaders adaptive capacity, impacting their ability to effectively lead. By intentionally cultivating their adaptive capacity leaders can position their teams, their organization, and themselves to not just survive, but to thrive in the next normal.


Within this video series we will be discussing what is adaptive capacity, the risk factors of fatigue that can occur, and strategies that leaders can leverage for maintaining and cultivating their adaptive capacity.

Maintaining Adaptive Capacity Video Series


It is a complex and challenging world. Intentionally cultivating and maintaining your adaptive capacity is imperative for ensuring you remain an effective leader.


R3 Continuum can help.


Through our continuum of support we can provide a tailored solution to support your unique challenges, aiding in your ability to empower productivity, culture, and business performance.

  • Executive Optimization solutions – personalized solutions for executive wellbeing and performance.
  • Crisis Response solutions – timely and customized support for leadership and employees in response to workplace disruption or provided proactively in anticipation of a disruptive event.


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