Ensure your Business is Prepared for Possible Workplace Disruptions

As we move beyond election season, it continues to be a year filled with challenges, uncertainty and civil unrest, adding to already high levels of intensity within workplaces. Businesses are facing the possibility of both internal conflicts and external disruptions as emotions continue to rise. Whether it’s a dispute among employees or a new wave of riots and civil unrest near a business’ physical location, the psychological and physical safety of the organization and your people are at risk.

How prepared is your business?


Without a thorough, proactive plan for the challenges following election season and beyond, it will be difficult to support your people through these continued challenges. Do you have a plan in place for the tense days and weeks that are yet to come? Does it take into account physical security, safety and emotional wellbeing?

R3 Continuum can help.


Companies have turned to R3 Continuum to prepare, prevent and mitigate potential negative impacts to their workplaces and people for more than 30 years. Since late May 2020, we have responded to over 700 civil unrest incidents impacting workplaces across the United States. Additionally, after the 2016 elections we responded to 26 workplaces that were experiencing disruption from the outcome of the election. We are unmatched in our ability to respond at size, scale and for any incident type.


  • Facilitated Discussions offers third-party mitigation for teams to have the ability to talk about issues happening in the world while actively reducing tension and enhancing morale.
  • Protective Services partner with organizations to help provide psychologically informed services to help protect and safeguard all aspects of an organization.

Ensure your organization is prepared to mitigate potential workplace disruption. The time to start is now - and we're here to help.

Learn how R3 Continuum can help.