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Workplace MVP at SHRM22: Brad Harper - Bambee

Brad Harper, an HR Business Partner with Bambee, joined host Jamie Gassmann in the R3 Continuum booth.  Brad shared how Bambee helps smaller companies manage their HR functions, what’s he is seeing from his clients, what he learned about empathy and accountability, and more.


Workplace MVP is sponsored and presented by R3 Continuum and produced by the Minneapolis-St.Paul Studio of Business RadioX®.


This show was originally broadcast live from the 2022 SHRM Annual Conference held at the New Orleans Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brad Harper – HR Business Partner, Bambee


With the help of your dedicated HR Manager, Bambee puts your HR on autopilot to streamline your HR, and automate your onboarding, policies, and even employee training.


Today, Bambee’s HR Autopilot keeps over 10,000 American Businesses HR compliant all year long, with up-to-date HR policies, mandatory training, and regular, two-way feedback between you and your employees.


  • HR rules change. Audits let you identify any HR gaps, and then we help you with an action plan to get your internal practices up-to-date to keep protecting your company and employees.
  • HR Autopilot makes sure all core, protective policies are current, signed by your employees, and reaffirmed semi-annually. Then, your dedicated HR Manager crafts any custom HR policies your business needs.
  • Bambee takes care of important and often-mandatory training like sexual harassment, workplace safety, and business ethics – and reports back to you on everyone’s progress.
  • Bambee’s Report Cards help you track your staff against their goals, and open up a regular dialogue to give praise, constructive feedback, or take corrective action.
  • Employee Voices lets your employees share concerns and alert you to potential problems. But it doesn’t have to be bad news – it’s also a great way for your staff to express gratitude, anonymously or publicly.
  • Comply with EEOC Document Retention Standards. Federal & state laws mandate that certain company files be held for a certain period of time. Plus, never guess who signed what – or where your important HR documents are. They’re all gathered safely in your Smart Cabinet.


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Workplace MVP


Every day, workplaces face major challenges created by disruption. To respond to these challenges requires great strength, and there are remarkable workplace heroes who do just that – by providing multi-level support and taking steps to prepare for future disruption.


Our podcast amplifies the voices of these heroic workplace MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) and highlights their inspiring real-life stories. Each episode takes a deep dive into the journey these heroes took to find their way through disruption, providing you with anecdotes of hope and inspiration.


In times like these – where ensuring the psychological and physical safety of your workplace is key – Workplace MVP offers you an outlet where you can share in experiences of other professionals navigating relatable challenges. You can also explore new best practice approaches for preparing for, responding to, and overcoming the challenges of disruption in the workplace.


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