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Workplace MVP: Nicole Roberts - Forta

Nicole Roberts, Senior Vice President of People at Forta, joined Jamie Gassmann in an insightful conversation about the current work culture, including the phenomenon known as “quiet quitting,” the impact of remote work on workplace culture, indications of employee disengagement, how to handle exits with empathy, and much more.


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Forta is clearing the path to quality healthcare. Forta continuously improves the patient journey and delivers personalized care by applying AI and machine learning. The first care vertical Forta is improving is Autism ABA therapy. Care is difficult to access, and the delivery model must be reinvented to provide early access to families. 1 in 44 children [CDC, 2021] is diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum.


Forta has a team of driven, innovative, patient-focused individuals working together to reinvent the care and tools available to neurodiverse families.


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Nicole Roberts, Senior Vice President of People – Forta


Nicole is the Senior Vice President of People at Forta and is responsible for the overall people and culture strategy, fostering and strengthening a culture of collaboration, recognition, empowerment, and initiative. Nicole has a passion for service-first and people-first leadership – inspiring others to bring their best, most authentic selves to work each day.


She has extensive proven experience throughout Human Resources, specifically in the manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, and veterinary and behavioral health industries. Nicole’s expertise includes HR consulting, leadership, strategic workforce planning, building and developing high-performing teams, change management, recruitment and retention, and coaching.


Nicole is a proud member of the SHRM A-Team, and she is the former Social Media Director for the Ohio SHRM State Council and her local SHRM Chapter, GCHRA. She is a member of the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition Influencer team. She is a contributing member of the Forbes HR Council, the 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council, the Select Software Reviews Expert Council, and Moguls in HR.


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Workplace MVP


Every day, workplaces face major challenges created by disruption. To respond to these challenges requires great strength, and there are remarkable workplace heroes who do just that – by providing multi-level support and taking steps to prepare for future disruption.


Our podcast amplifies the voices of these heroic workplace MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) and highlights their inspiring real-life stories. Each episode takes a deep dive into the journey these heroes took to find their way through disruption, providing you with anecdotes of hope and inspiration.


In times like these – where ensuring the psychological and physical safety of your workplace is key – Workplace MVP offers you an outlet where you can share in experiences of other professionals navigating relatable challenges. You can also explore new best practice approaches for preparing for, responding to, and overcoming the challenges of disruption in the workplace.


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