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Workplace MVP: Introduction to Workplace MVP Podcast with Host Jamie Gassmann

Every day, around the world, organizations of all sizes face disruptive events and situations. Within those workplaces are everyday heroes in human resources, risk management, security, business continuity, and the C-suite. They don’t call themselves heroes though. On the contrary, they simply show up every day, laboring for the well-being of employees in their care, readying the workplace for and planning responses to disruption. This show, “Workplace MVP,” confers on these heroes the designation they deserve, Workplace MVP (Most Valuable Professionals), and gives them the forum to tell their story. As you hear their experiences, you will learn first-hand, real life approaches to readying the workplace, responses to crisis situations, and overcoming challenges of disruption. Join us as they share their stories of hope, courage, and tenacity.


Workplace MVP is sponsored and presented by R3 Continuum and produced by the Minneapolis-St.Paul Studio of Business RadioX®.