Outreach Wellness Check

How are your employees doing, really? And how can you help build a resilient team and culture in the face of adversity?


The truth is that many employees are struggling on a professional and personal level. The national rate of anxiety tripled in the second quarter of 2020 and depression almost quadrupled. So, what does that mean for your workforce?


R3 Continuum’s Outreach Wellness Checks are helping leadership team’s get a better pulse on the wellbeing of their employees and offering professional behavioral health support to help reduce stress, build resiliency, reinforce productivity, and enhance team morale. Contact us to learn more about our results-driven program and hear what other customers are saying about it.

“I didn’t know I needed to talk to her until I talked to her. I will encourage others to speak with the R3c Consultant. Even if they don’t feel like they need it.”

- R3c Client

Why R3 Continuum?

Our network of expert clinicians are trained to care for individuals with empathy and understanding, supporting individuals on a path to wellbeing.


Why now?

COVID-19 and the subsequent rapid changes we’ve been forced to adapt to at work and at home have increased reports of stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and isolation. Left unaddressed, these dynamics can threaten to erode the most valuable aspect of any business – the people.


Contact us for a free consultation to see if our services are right for your team.

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Virtual, Telephonic, or Onsite Disruptive Event Management

Timely and customized support for leadership and employees in response to workplace disruption caused by COVID-19 or other events impacting the psychological wellbeing of your organization.

24/7 Telephonic Support

Convenient and economical telephonic live support for individual employees that helps them to manage the psychological impact of COVID-19 or other workplace disruption impacting their ability to remain productive, resilient, and thrive.

Case Coordination

Return-to-work focused interventions to ensure employees receive the right level of care needed to overcome underlying psychosocial barriers and ultimately reduce the duration of claims and lost productivity.

Strategic Crisis Leadership

Empirically-researched and field-tested methods that help organizational leaders protect reputation and other core assets during high-consequence crisis situations.


R3c's R3SILIENCY App provides all levels of an organization with immediate assistance anywhere, even in self-isolation and quarantine. The artificial intelligence (AI) powered app provides behavioral health support, video-based materials, and is backed by 24/7 clinician support.

Facilitated Discussions

Third-party mediation that helps to decrease friction among employees with differing perspectives and opinions, while helping to boost team morale.

Crisis Response

Recovering from Distress

We provide your employees with the support and tools they need, so they can recover faster from a disruptive event, and are ready to return to work sooner.

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