People Protection

Threat of Violence Assessment and Management (TOV)
When an employee or external individual becomes threatening, ensuring the safety of your workplace becomes critical. Conducting a threat assessment and helping manage the incident, aids in your ability to be better informed of the threat level, appropriate and defensible next steps, and to achieve a safe outcome. R3c subject matter experts utilize a combined psychological and security approach that is a best practice and unique in the industry.


Workplace Policy and Program Development
Workplace violence prevention, response, and management are significant undertakings for any employer. Ensuring you have policies and procedures in place that align with industry best practices and organizational priorities is imperative. R3c subject matter experts can help in developing customized policies and procedures.


Security Training
Socializing employees at all level to the importance of creating and maintaining a safe and secure work environment is critical for corporate success. having an informed employee population and trained managers can be the difference between resolving issues early and at the lowest possible level, or facing possible loss, brand reputation, and liability for lack of action. R3c provides a comprehensive suite of security-related training to address all your corporate needs.


Secure Termination Support
Not all terminations go smoothly. When an employee has the propensity to be a potential threat during termination it is essential to develop a strategy, so it occurs in a safe and amiable environment. Treating employees with dignity and respect while protecting the responsible management official and the workplace when letting the employee go is key to preventing violence. R3c’s subject matter experts can help prepare a plan and provide support during potentially difficult terminations.


Guard Services Support
Security guards are an important component of a well-designed security program. Ensuring proper requisition, vetting of vendors, and awarding of a contract can be complex and time consuming. Additionally, strong management is needed to ensure the agreed upon services are delivered as promised. R3c’s guard services support can help in providing a smooth process.


Security Construction and Psychological Impact Consulting
During times of renovation or construction, enhance the level of safety and security, by understanding the psychological impact. R3c’s security experts and psychologists can incorporate themselves as members of the design team and assist the client, architect, interior designer, and construction management entities to ensure security and safety related decisions are incorporated at the earliest possible part of the project leading to budgetary efficiency.


Executive Protection
Our full suite of executive protection services is available domestically and internationally. Whether it is a C-Suite executive’s home and family, local transportation, protection during an event, or during travel domestically and abroad, trained and experienced R3c Executive Protection Agents (EPAs) are on call to serve and protect.


Travel Security
When traveling domestically or internationally protection of employees, intellectual property, and assets becomes a top priority. R3c protection experts can help secure your business travelers and develop policies and procedures to reduce risk and help ensure
productive trips.

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