Assets Protection

Security Assessments
It is a shared responsibility of organizational leadership to ensure the safety and security of the workplace. Deficiencies in physical security can be overlooked resulting in preventable vulnerabilities that can expose your people and assets to violence and other security disruptions. Whether you have concerns regarding the physical security of your workplace or need a third-party perspective, R3c’s security experts can conduct a security assessment
to identify gaps in your current security measures.


Risk Assessments
Unforeseen risk can have a significant negative impact on your organization. Understanding the probability, likelihood, and consequence of risk to your business is essential. With research and analysis of potential security risks to your organization, R3c can provide you
with an action plan that aids in your ability to prevent and mitigate unnecessary risks.


Physical Security Policy Review and Development
Security policies are not one size fits all. It is important to ensure your security policies and procedures are developed in alignment with your corporate priorities. R3c will leverage their security experts to create clear and actionable guidelines that can be utilized for ensuring effective, efficient, and defensible security management within your organization.


Internal and external issues can have a strong negative impact on a business. Doing an independent fact-finding investigation can inform corporate decisions and help achieve successful outcomes. R3c has experienced and trained investigators that can conduct discreet fact-finding investigations involving internal or external matters. Whether it is employee  theft or misconduct or contract fraud, R3c can provide the professional support needed to effectively deal with adverse circumstances and protect your business.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
Ensuring critical business functions, financial information, intellectual property discussions, and C-Suite and board meetings remain private and secure is essential in today’s business environment. Covert business surveillance via electronic devices is an issue corporations must deal with to ensure protection of proprietary and confidential information. Sweeps of corporate spaces housing critical business functions and meetings helps prevent surreptitious unauthorized information gathering by external and sometimes internal sources. R3c’s security experts use technical methods to detect unauthorized video, audio and in some cases software surveillance devices in corporate settings.

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