360 Executive Feedback and Coaching

Constructive, high-quality, confidential feedback from peers, managers and direct reports is essential for self-awareness and intentional development of executive leaders. Our seasoned executive coaches build tailored approaches that leverage an array of proven assessment tools, feedback tenchniques, and coaching methods to help to help executive leaders realize their full potential. Our coaches tailor experiences to meet individual needs, and assist in key areas including:

  • Developing and sustaining new perspectives
  • Sharpening interpersonal proficiency
  • Improving emotional IQ
  • Generating more influence


Mental Performance Coaching

A major key to helping executives achieve and sustain peak performance lies in mastery of mindset. Elite athletes understand this and have relied on mental performance coaching to master mindset for years. Our certified mental performance coaches apply the same techniques used with elite athletes to help executive leaders break through mental barriers, conquer self-doubt, sharpen focus, and unlock potential.


Career Transition Coaching

Adjusting to a new role, promotion, or preparing to retire can be a challenge. Having proper support in times of transition ensures people feel and do their best. Our expert consultants work with executives to:

  • Prepare during selection processes
  • Sustain resiliency and optimize impact in a new role
  • Position for success after retirement


Burnout & Happiness Coaching

Burnout erodes happiness and performance. Unfortunately, one out of every five high performers suffer from it. Our evidence-based solution is proven to dramatically reduce burnout while increasing happiness and performance (including KPI’s) by helping individuals, cohorts, and teams:

  • Learn and practice five principals
  • Measure and track individual and collective results using a 100% confidential online Return On HappinessTM system
  • Sustain results via continued measurement, practice, coaching, and train-the-trainer options

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