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Strategic Crisis Leadership

In normal conditions a critical incident or an unexpected disruptive event can threaten your organization, in these challenging times that impact has intensified. Your senior leadership has the daunting task of protecting and cultivating the psychological and physical wellbeing of your people, while protecting your reputation, assets, and finances.


How do you ensure you are responding effectively with a combination of caring, expertise, commitment, and communication? And, how do you ensure that you are prepared tactically (i.e., emergency response, evacuation, notifications, communication, accommodating media), for any additional challenges or situations that may emerge?


R3 Continuum can help.


Through the use of empirically-researched and field-tested methods our tailored strategic crisis leadership solutions can help organizations protect their reputations, employees, and core assets in the face of unexpected threats.


Our Strategic Crisis Leadership can provide:

  • Creation of a comprehensive strategic crisis plan
  • Risk mitigation through strategic crisis response
  • Business crisis management
  • Just in time, scenario-based plan development
  • On demand advisory support for questions
  • Location, county, regional forecasts
  • Crisis communications support
  • Employee communications support
  • Leadership and employee education
  • Daily intelligence and analysis reports
  • Statistical modelling


In these challenging times, we are here to help you and your people cope and thrive. Ensure your senior leadership has the support solutions necessary for protecting and cultivating the psychological and physical wellbeing of your organization. Talk to us.

Stay current with crisis events around the globe as they happen with our Active Global Events map.

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Related Solutions

Virtual, Telephonic, or Onsite Disruptive Event Management

With a global network of experienced providers, we can respond to disruption with the urgency it requires. Not only can we provide timely support, we are unique in our ability to customize services to fit your workplace or situation’s specific needs, in order to best support the psychological wellbeing of your team.


Ensuring the protection of your employees’ wellbeing is essential, now more than ever. The R3SILIENCY App allows employees at all levels of an organization to have access to immediate behavioral health support. Additionally, the R3SILIENCY App includes 24/7 access to an R3c representative, educational videos and materials, our emotional support bot, and more.

24/7 Telephonic Support

When around-the-clock support is needed, we offer a direct outreach service to those who are most affected by the psychological impact of a disruption. This type of support gives employees the opportunity to have 1:1 conversations with trained clinicians that that can help them to maintain their emotional wellbeing, so that they can remain productive and resilient in the face of disruption.

Case Coordination

Return-to-work focused interventions to ensure employees receive the right level of care needed to overcome underlying psychosocial barriers and ultimately reduce the duration of claims and lost productivity.

Facilitated Discussions

When opinions don’t align, teams can get stuck. This can bring collaboration, innovation, and productivity to a standstill. We offer effective, third-party mediation to decrease friction among employees with differences of opinion and unlock cohesion and creativity again.

Wellness Outreach

Identifying that your employee may be struggling with their mental health can be a challenge. For the employee, asking for help—or making a call to their EAP— can be more challenging then suffering in silence. Through being proactive in offering wellness outreach, you can provide confidential and timely support to your employees in a way that is most convenient for them.

Crisis Response

Recovering from Distress

We provide your employees with the support and tools they need, so they can recover faster from a disruptive event, and are ready to return to work sooner.

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