Disruptive Event Management (DEM)

Despite your best efforts to create a safe, supportive, and thriving workplace, high levels of disruption in these unprecedented times can understandably impact the emotional wellbeing of your employees and their ability to do their jobs.


For some, stress comes from performing essential roles exposing them (and potentially their loved ones) to COVID-19. For others, emotional wellbeing is eroded by workforce reductions, furloughs, illness of self, co-workers, or loved ones, or the isolation of remote work.


People are the heart of your business. And now more than ever, it is vital to protect and cultivate their behavioral health and ability to thrive.


R3 Continuum can help.


Expert Behavioral Health Support: Virtual, Telephonic, and Onsite


R3c’s disruptive event management services are available virtually, telephonically, and onsite to help effectively support your employees and build their resilience.


Our tailored response to leaders and employees includes:


  • Service availability 24/7/365 globally – same day or within 24 hours of request
    • Virtually provided via HIPAA compliant ZOOM platform
    • Telephonically provided through dedicated conference line
    • Onsite provided following required state or organizational safety precautions
  • Partnering with leadership to develop an effective response plan for your company
  • Helping employees build on their natural resilience and recovery, both individually and collectively
  • Providing employees with information on self-care and coping
  • Triage for those who might need more support for recovery
  • Access to R3SILIENCY App featuring on-going emotional support bot and education for all organizational levels


In these challenging times, we are here to help you and your people cope and thrive. Talk to us.

We appreciate the great work R3 Continuum has done through the COVID-19 crisis. You have been a great business partner and consistently reliable through this difficult time.

- Senior Director at Large Global EAP

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