COVID-19 Support Solutions

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Just In Time, Scenario Based Plan Development (Pandemic Planning)

A COVID-19 response plan is a scenario-based document that can be used prior to and during a COVID-19 outbreak sequences. The procedures can be used for various situations that may occur.

Daily Intelligence/Analysis Reports

R3c collects and analyzes the best information available on COVID-19 and reactions of all involved. WE provide timely guidance to support crisis management, travel, supply chain, and strategic planning.

Statistical Modeling of the Virus Behavior

R3c has developed a unique set of algorithms to model behavior of COVID-19. Knowing the severity and timing of certain outbreaks and government reactions can be critical to anticipate and develop responses.

Location, Country, Regional Forecasts

Establishing local, regional and country level risk of COVID-19 is difficult. R3c assists in utilizing data driven simulation models with statistical interpolation to develop tailored geographically based financial valuations.

On-Demand Advisory Support for Questions

Employees, business unit leaders, travelers and executives end up with questions. If there is not someone in the organization that can answer them, R3c can be there for quick responses.

Participating on Client Crisis Management Teams

Having an advisor available to participate with the team in meetings can be invaluable when dealing with a unique crisis event like COVID-19. R3c can be there to work alongside you and your team.

Crisis Communications Support

In the development of messages and approaches to the media, clients and other stakeholders, certain principles should be established during disruptive events like COVID-19.

Employee Communications Support

Employees and individuals need to establish and build upon natural resilience during these times. R3c assists with developing and supporting these messages.

Leadership Education

Knowing what to expect and how to care for the emotional needs of individuals during a disruptive event lessens the potential negative effects to efficiency and productivity and is a powerful demonstration of organizational care and responsibility.

Employee / Individual Education

Often delivered to larger groups or webinars, the consultant collaborates with the organization's leadership to educate employees and individuals and share practical stress management information, which promotes regaining hope and confidence in the future.

Remote Individual Support (Telephonic)

Telephonic support is an effective, convenient, and economical way to provide direct behavioral health support to individuals who are presumptive cases, in isolation, under quarantine, or working from home.

Technology Based Employee Support

R3c's R3SILIENCY application provides individuals with immediate assistance anywhere, even in self-isolation and quarantine. The artificial intelligence (AI) powered app provides behavioral health support, video-based materials, and is backed by 24/7 clinician support.