24/7 Telephonic Support



When your employee is struggling with a heavy emotional burden following a disruption in the workplace,  even the simplest tasks—such as picking up the phone—might be challenging.


If your employee does realize they are struggling—will they take action, speak up, and ask you for additional support?


R3 Continuum (R3c) takes the guesswork out of these questions. When disruption impacts a workplace and its people, R3c can equip your workforce with the on-demand behavioral health support they need to cope and move forward amid crisis. Although disruption impacts people in different ways, an event like the death of a coworker or reductions in force can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of your employees.


Providing 24/7 Telephonic Support helps affected employees to not only remain resilient, but thrive—even amidst a difficult time.


How it works:

Our 24/7 telephonic support consists of both outbound and inbound communication. In the aftermath of a workplace disruption, employees who were directly impacted by the event or who are showing signs of struggle are referred to R3c for individualized assistance. R3c’s experts will conduct an immediate outreach call to the impacted employee. Over the course of 10 days, they will make an additional three outreach calls to check on the employee and gauge if further support is needed. Throughout these 10 days, the employee will have access to on demand telephonic support when needed. Additionally, an employer can establish a similar dedicated support line for employees for a duration of 30 days post-incident.


What employees can expect:


  • On-Demand Access: 24/7 access to a support line of experienced, master’s level clinicians
  • Confidentiality: This service is provided discreetly—only the employee, clinician, and employer will be aware of the services utilized.
  • Personalization: There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to employee wellbeing. R3c tailors the service to best fit an individual’s needs.
  • Progress: The goal is to strengthen your employees’ wellbeing in order to not only assist them outside of work, but also at work. Through this approach, you can expect an increase in your employees’ stress management, a reduced sense of isolation, as well as gain tools to cope and thrive.
  • Impact: R3c empowers individuals to return to their optimal levels of productivity and contributions to their company through improving their overall wellbeing.
  • Follow-up: R3c alerts employers regarding any employees who may need additional support

Throughout the process, R3c provides support from experts who know how to lead individuals through healthy change. R3c’s telephonic support program offers the physical, emotional and interpersonal care that many individuals need.


R3 Continuum can make a difference in your employee’s wellbeing – Talk to us.

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