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Blindsided: A Manager's Guide to Crisis Leadership

Bruce T. Blythe

A crisis strikes out of the blue, at the time and place least expected. In a word, you’re blindsided. According to Bruce T. Blythe, managing a crisis is an ultimate test of leadership, requiring leaders who inspire loyalty and trust as they rise to the occasion to meet the needs of people. In his new expanded edition of Blindsided: A Manager’s Guide to Crisis Leadership, Blythe shows you what it takes to be an effective and humane strategic crisis leader, a “crisis whisperer.” Blythe pulls up a chair and coaches you with real-world examples of what has worked – and not worked – in 30 years of experience with hundreds of companies just like yours.   Available at Rothstein Publishers

A Manager's Guide to Quick Crisis Response

Bruce T. Blythe

Avoid being “blindsided” by an unexpected emergency or crisis in the workplace – violence, natural disaster, or worse! Bruce Blythe’s The Manager’s Guide to Quick Response in a Crisis: Effective Action in an Emergency offers the time-tested skills that prepare you to act effectively – on behalf of yourself and your co-workers – in the face of threat and chaos. Blythe uses real-world case studies, examples, and checklists to help you be the top-notch leader the situation requires.

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” sums up Blythe’s philosophy. This short book is the essence of the basic practical counseling that he would give if he were sitting next to you at your desk.


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