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Workplace Violence and Executive Optimization Services

Amanda Reszkowski
March 8, 2017

Despite the benefits of leadership, executives shoulder enormous responsibilities and expectations in their jobs and because of their positions, they may be reluctant to seek help when they feel mental fatigue or burnout—not to mention the challenges that work demand and frequent travel present in accessing regular support.


Leaders aren’t “superhuman,” and behavioral health issues from personal and professional stress can develop at any point. Unaddressed, these issues can impact a leader’s health, wellbeing and performance. Just like any employee, leaders sometimes need help, but may not know how to ask or where to turn to get it.

Protecting your leaders is critical to your organization’s culture and performance. That is why R3 Continuum offers Executive Optimization with a unique set of tailored offerings that ensure the wellbeing and resilience of your top performers.



Behavioral health & complex treatment advisory: Provide support when it is needed most

The intense work demands facing executives can make navigating challenging treatment scenarios (for themselves and loved ones) overwhelming. These include chronic behavioral health or medical diagnoses and a variety of behavioral health crises. Our expert, clinically trained consultants offer support and guidance in these overwhelming situations by providing:

  • Expert case consultation
  • Emotional support & Advocacy
  • Connections and referrals to top-tier resources


Addiction & accountability partnering: Help release the grip of addiction

Substance abuse and addictions of all sorts are equal opportunity problems. Anyone, including executives at the apex of their careers, can struggle with unhealthy compulsive behaviors. Our clinically trained experts provide discreet accountability partnering on:

  • Impulsivity reduction
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Identification of personal triggers
  • Implementation of harm reduction and relapse prevention strategies


Conduct mitigation: Address behaviors placing your business, culture, and your brand at risk

Executives experience high stress levels and are also more likely to be exposed to situational and social influences (power, competitive personalities, conflicts of interest, etc.) that can lead to poor judgment and even misconduct, including bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and more. Our clinically trained conduct mitigation experts work discreetly with top leaders to:

  • Reduce undesirable behaviors that put your business and brand at risk
  • Maintain on-going accountability





360 executive feedback and coaching:  Ensure full potential is realized

Constructive, high-quality, confidential feedback from peers, managers and direct reports is essential for leadership self-awareness and continued development. Our seasoned executive coaches use a variety of proven assessment tools, feedback techniques and coaching methodologies to help inform executive development in order to realize full potential. Our coaches tailor experiences to meet individual needs, and assist in key areas including:

  • Developing and sustaining new perspectives
  • Sharpening interpersonal proficiency
  • Improving emotional IQ
  • Generating more influence


Mental performance coaching:  Strengthen your mental game

Help your executives optimize performance through mental performance coaching. Using the same techniques that propel elite athletes, our certified mental performance coaches support leaders in breaking through mental barriers, conquering self-doubt and sharpening focus to achieve and sustain a state of peak performance.


Burnout & comprehensive wellbeing coaching:  Measurably increase emotional, behavioral and physical health and performance

Research shows that one out of every five high performers simultaneously suffers from burnout and its emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms, which impair performance. We offer an evidence-based solution that is proven to measurably increase emotional, behavioral and physical wellbeing and performance (human and business KPI’s) while lowering stress and burnout among individuals and teams. In the program, participants:

  • Learn and practice five principals proven to improve comprehensive wellbeing, happiness and performance
  • Access a proprietary, 100% confidential measurement system to track progress and results
  • Benefits are compounding; therefore, groups result as well as KPI impact are reported
  • Experience a high-tech, high-touch coaching approach capable of being delivered one-on-one or scaled to all levels of your organization.


Career Transition Coaching:  Thrive during role changes, promotions, and retirement

Adjusting to a new role or preparing to retire can be a challenge. Having support during those periods of adjustment allows executives to operate at their best.  Our expert consultants work with executives to:

  • Prepare during selection processes
  • Sustain resiliency and optimize impact in a new role
  • Position themselves for success after retirement





Behavioral health awareness & response trainingCultivate a culture of safety and inclusion through behavioral health awareness

Now more than ever, it is vital to create a culture of safety and inclusion by increasing behavioral health awareness. Our clinically trained experts teach employees how to recognize behavioral health issues, respond compassionately, and facilitate linkage to available resources. We co-create every training to attend to your organization’s specific audience and cultural nuances.


Customized behavioral health training: Build the behavioral health training you need

Sometimes unique behavioral health issues arise in the workplace — whether it be a domestic abuse or stalking incident, or a team member needing an extended leave due to a behavioral health issue. Our expert, clinically trained consultants can develop and deliver education tailored around these unique circumstances and offer your employees proven tools to cope and thrive.



“This service has real impact vis-à-vis improved health, reduced burnout, and overall happiness improvement. I did try to reach out to the organization’s standard health line about a year and a half ago and only got a call center with folks who were not at the level of personal coaching that I needed….so this is at an entirely deeper and more valued level.”

  • EO Consulting Client

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our conversations and how valuable the experience was.  I learned a lot about myself that will be extremely helpful in addressing a core issue that has pushed yet perplexed me most of my adult life.”

  • EO Consulting Client

“I took advantage of the coaching sessions offered during my role transition, and it was a fantastic experience.  I am so thrilled to get the chance to keep working with my coach.  The last year was a challenge, and to have the benefit of having a coach with new perspectives truly helped me navigate a time of change.  I also feel like I am getting off on the right, fresh foot on the next stage of this journey.”

  • EO Coaching Client

“I wanted to send a quick note to appreciate the opportunity to receive such high-quality coaching.  I have been working with my coach since shortly before my promotion last year.  I’ve benefitted tremendously from these sessions and am so happy to see the organization putting energy and funds to boost senior leaderships’ performance and mental fitness.  Terrific initiative!”

  • EO Coaching Client


Amanda Reszkowski

Amanda Reszkowski serves as Clinical Director of Executive Optimization at R3 Continuum, bringing nearly 15 years experience in the field of behavioral health.

As the Clinical Director for Executive Optimization, Amanda oversees both the clinical and non-clinical solution suite designed to discretely support high-level executives both personally and professionally. She has consulted with Fortune 500 companies on issues related to disruptive event management and behavioral health literacy and awareness in the workplace.

Amanda is known as an adept strategic partner to her clients; understanding their unique cultural needs, and collaborating to implement behavioral health solutions that integrate resilience and optimize executives.

She holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, where her focus was direct practice in mental health. She is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional and an Internationally Certified Gambling Counselor.