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Ask the Expert Webinar: Organizational Wellbeing & Resiliency

Hart Brown
May 21, 2019


Events such as downsizing, strikes, lawsuits, cyber incidents, natural disasters, product or service failures, threats, and incidents of violence continue to create challenges on a daily basis for company leaders and industry stakeholders. Those involved are tasked with ensuring they have the right solutions in place to help their organization and the people within to remain resilient in the midst of such events.


How do you effectively protect your reputation, people, and other core assets when unexpectedly threatened? What can be done to ensure the wellbeing and resiliency of your people?


There are likely more questions than the ones listed that you may have. This is your chance to have them asked by crisis leadership industry expert Hart Brown. The content and discussion during the webinar will be guided by audience questions, which can be submitted prior to the webinar when you register or can be asked in real-time during the webinar.

Date and time

May 21, 2019

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


We hope you can attend!

Hart Brown

Senior Vice President

Hart Brown serves as Senior Vice President of R3 Continuum. He has over 20 years of experience in crisis management, security and global risk management. He has provided services to public and private organizations during times of crisis to include targeted violence, reputational events, threats, cyber incidents, extortions, and one of the largest bankruptcies in US history.