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Hurricane Dorian Update: Sept. 1, 2019 - 9 AM EDT

R3c Active Front Lines Staff
September 1, 2019

R3 Continuum is responding.  

Dorian has increased to Category 5 storm.

Expect flash flooding on the Florida coast on Mon/Tues with inland river flooding possible.


The storm currently has sustained 160 mph winds. The Bahamas will experience a rapid deterioration this morning and the eye of Dorian will reach the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama at approximately 1 PM.


There is still high uncertainty in the hurricane track leading to increasing frustrations with the forecasts. Some models show a move back toward Florida leading to speculation of higher impacts.


South Carolina and North Carolina have declared states of emergency. The Coast Guard has been altering operations around the ports.



  • People not being fully evacuated from the Abaco islands, due to concern from unregulated communities. Emergency responses will be needed.
  • Elevated stress levels before the storm arrives due to anticipation and fear of the unknown. The high uncertainty regarding the path is compounding the issue. Increases of media and social media activity will occur today.
  • If fatalities are reported, stress will increase along the path.
  • Telephonic services can be incorporated using evidence-based approaches to help people manage their emotions around traumatic events. /our-services/crisis-response/24-7-telephonic-support/


Our Crisis Management and Response Center Teams will continue to bring more resources into the area in coordination with clients and authorities. Please return to R3 Active Front Lines for analysis and response updates.


For more information regarding R3c’s services during times like this, please see /our-services/crisis-response/ and /our-services/consulting/strategic-crisis-leadership/


For those organizations that have additional questions or are in need of support, please contact the R3c Response Center Disruptive Event Hotline at 1-888-736-0911 x1.

R3c Active Front Lines: Hurricane Dorian Update: Sept. 1, 2019 - 9 AM EDT

Dorian has increased to a Category 5 storm.