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R3 Continuum Welcomes International Security Expert Oscar Villanueva

R3c In the News
September 4, 2019

R3 Continuum Welcomes International Security Expert Oscar Villanueva

Enhancing their suite of security services in response to client needs and market demands.



Minneapolis, MN – 9/4/2019. R3 Continuum (R3c), a leader in providing comprehensive workplace violence preparedness and training, crisis response, threat of violence consultation, organizational security consulting, and strategic crisis leadership, announced today the addition of Oscar Villanueva to their leadership team. Mr. Villanueva will join R3c in the role of Managing Director, Security Services and will be overseeing the enhancement of R3c’s global suite of security services.



Mr. Villanueva, a well-known international security expert and former federal law enforcement senior executive, brings many years of risk assessment and management, investigative, emergency preparedness, training, and critical infrastructure security experience, worldwide. He oversaw the security-based initiatives in over 180 locations throughout the world and has worked directly with the United Nations, Interpol, Europol, and during multiple Olympic Games.


Bruce Blythe, Chairman of R3c said, “We are thrilled to enhance our suite of security services, with the addition of Villanueva to our leadership team. His expertise and talents expand the breadth and depth of our workplace violence services and strengthens our ability to meet the growing demands of our clients and the market,”


Mr. Villanueva said, “R3c is an industry and market leader with a great history and a dedicated team. Assisting organizations in managing and mitigating security risks has always been a major focus for me and I look forward to the opportunity to provide the customized solutions that organizations need to ensure they are able to meet the challenges of today.”


About R3 Continuum

R3 Continuum (R3c) is the only psychologically based company that can provide end to end consultation to all facets of an organization. From front-line processes to the boardroom – all towards developing a comprehensive and seamless violence prevention strategy. We provide tailored evaluations, crisis response, consulting solutions, and more to help organizations and employees cultivate resiliency and productivity, enabling both to thrive.


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R3c In The News: International Security Expert Oscar Villanueva

This addition strengthens R3c's ability to better serve the specialty insurers market.