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Hurricane Isaias

R3c Active Front Lines Staff
July 31, 2020




R3 Continuum is keeping an eye on Hurricane Isaias as it continues to move closer to the United States. We have reached out to our clinicians as well as customers that may be affected by the hurricane, to let them know we are ready, willing, and able to help in any capacity they need.


We recognize that amid COVID-19, there are many factors that go into making decisions of where to go, and how to remain safe, and making a decision like that can be tough. We are here to help.


Our Crisis Management and Response Center Teams will continue to bring more resources into the area in coordination with clients and authorities. Please return to R3 Active Front Lines for analysis and response updates.


For more information regarding R3c’s services during times like this, please click here.


For those organizations that have additional questions or are in need of support, please contact the R3c Response Center Disruptive Event Hotline at 1-888-736-0911 x1.