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Expert: Important to recognize signs of violence

R3 Administrator
December 4, 2015

Crisis management expert: Communication is key to diffusing workplace violence


By Francesca Amiker – Reporter




Bruce Blythe of Crisis Management International has provided crisis care for multiple tragedies since 1988. He assisted at Columbine, 9/11 and the recent mass shooting in Colorado Springs.


Blythe said when he first started in 1988, there were 604 terroristic acts worldwide. By 2014, there were 13,500, and that number will continue to rise, he said.


Blythe said the biggest issue in a lot of these tragedies was communication. Someone lets something get so built up that he or she feels violence is the only release.


Blythe said the San Bernardino case is somewhat different because Farook is believed to be radicalized.


“This guy had no background history as far as criminal history. He has no mental health history that we know of. He got radicalized,” Blythe said of Farook.


Blythe’s team is on the ground in California, assisting those involved in the San Bernardino shooting. Blythe said he uses tragedies like the mass shooting to help people understand the minds of violent individuals.


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