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Essential Elements: Behavioral Health Treatment

Tyler Arvig
February 21, 2018

We live in an interesting time of amazing technological advancement. It is truly the age of everything now. The benefits of smartphones, online shopping, and navigation systems cannot be understated. Similar advancements are also evident in the medical world, with medications, treatment options, and technological service options (such as telehealth) that would have been unfathomable even a decade ago. In the behavioral health arena, modern classes of medication, new novel treatments (such as r-TMS), and evolving psychotherapy techniques are leading the effort to more quickly and effectively treat conditions in a much more tolerable and minimally invasive fashion.


Despite these advancements, there is no truly quick and easy way to treat many common behavioral health conditions. There is no immediately effective treatment for a major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, or anxiety disorder. Treatments take time, require modifications, and are not a guarantee of success.


Patients (and those who work with patients) must have a keen understanding of available options and a willingness to engage in treatment to resolve these complex and multi-factorial conditions.


In the world of work absence, it is critical that we understand as much as we can about what constitutes good behavioral health treatment, and then advocate for that treatment. This includes understanding the basic elements of treatment, identifying signs of intensification of treatment, and most crucially, recognizing the signs of ineffective or stagnant treatment. This knowledge will aid in minimizing time off work, and more importantly, helping the patient to achieve a higher quality of life.


Not sure where to start? No problem! You need not be a behavioral health expert to learn about and advocate for good treatment. The author presented a webinar on this very topic click here to watch. In addition to watching the recorded webinar, find a trusted resource that can help with your behavioral health treatment questions. There is no better time than now, particularly if it can lead to improvement in the health and well-being of someone in need.


Click here to watch the Essential Elements in Behavioral Health Claims: Understanding and Evaluating Treatment webinar.

Tyler Arvig, PsyD, LP

Associate Medical Director

About the Author: Tyler has over thirteen years of domestic and international experience in behavioral health workplace absence—including disability and worker’s compensation assessment, consultation with employers and insurers on complex claims, effective return to work strategies, program development and improvement, and supervision and training of industry professionals. He is a sought-after speaker, writer and contributor in the field of workplace behavioral health and workplace trauma recovery.