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Emerging Crisis Management Trends

Bruce Blythe
July 2, 2015

When crises threaten our individual or organizational well-being, we all know that some people are better at managing these situations than others. Obviously, those who can prevent a given crisis from occurring are best at eliminating potential damage. And, the next best mitigation strategy is to be one step ahead of a crisis when it does occur. In either case, a key component for effective crisis management is to “anticipate.” Those who can accurately predict future crises or get ahead of an emerging crisis progression are best at protecting the core assets of an organization.


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Bruce Blythe


Bruce Blythe is an internationally acclaimed crisis management expert. He is the owner and Executive Chairman of R3 Continuum that provides employers with integrated crisis readiness, crisis response, and employee return-to-work services. They have assisted hundreds of companies worldwide with crisis, workplace violence, and business continuity planning, training and exercising. They also provide consultations worldwide for defusing serious disputes, hostilities and workplace violence threats. On average, they respond onsite to 1300 international workplace crises of all sorts per month. Finally, they work with insurers and large employers in accelerating employee return-to-work for workers’ comp, disability, and non-occupational injury claims throughout North America and Australia.