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Celebrating the Tenure of R3 Continuum CFO: Marv Veltkamp

Kyla Porter
May 5, 2022



Consultant. Finance wiz. IT help. Operations guru. Office dad. CFO.


Marv Veltkamp has worn many hats and titles throughout his 21 years at R3 Continuum, but one of the most important might be, “kind soul.”


Marv began his work at R3 Continuum (R3c) as a consultant during the early days of the company. Following the events of September 11, 2001, Marv was asked to join R3c as a full-time employee—as he was working many hours already in response to the attacks. He was intrigued by the company’s mission and potential, particularly by the fact that he knew he could play some part in helping others following what might be one of the worst days of their lives: after a disruptive event.


As a multi-passionate person, Marv explored his different interests and strengths at R3c, starting with financials, then dabbling in IT and operations work, then back to financial work again.


Underlying his variety of interests was a simple motivator: Marv loves people and wanted to help others in any way that he could.


As Jeff Gorter writes,

“In the 18 years I’ve worked with Marv, he has shown an incredible consistency in all he does – whether it is a mundane finance task, an employee issue, creating and championing a new process, or envisioning future next steps for R3c, Marv pours himself completely into whatever he is pursuing. This is no surprise, as it flows directly from a deep faith which calls him to be a committed ‘servant leader’ in all aspects of his life. This is a rare quality and has in no small part shaped the very culture of R3c.”


Not only has Marv seen R3 Continuum grow to be the company it is today, but he has also been an active participant along the journey, shaping both the highs and lows with his compassion for others and perseverance.


When asked about a defining moment during his career, Marv recalls finding a picture of himself, wearing a hard hat and carrying a shovel, standing in front of the construction site where the Grand Rapids office was first built.


The pride he felt finding this photo is indicative of what the moment symbolized: being able to build an actual office was a sign of how far R3c had come since its humble beginnings.


Some of the biggest strengths Marv has brought to R3c over the years have been his “can do” and “never give up” attitude, along with his commitment to continually move the company forward.


As he reflects on his time at R3c, Marv believes that it is the moments of struggle the company has experienced that have been the most significant factors in contributing to the necessary growth and change brought forth within the organization.


Marv says, “when you stop growing, you start dying.”


This mindset comes from not only from the innate desire for positive transformation and learning Marv possesses, but also from his time spent wearing one of the other hats he has worn in his lifetime: coach.


When coaching his son’s high school basketball team years ago, Marv helped take the team to the national high school championships. This had been the driving goal and force behind their success that season: getting to the final four. However, when they got there, although the team played their best—they didn’t have the mindset they needed to actually become winning champions, because they had already reached their goal.


While they didn’t win at the championship, Marv took away a very important life lesson from this momentous occasion. He realized that in order to reach your ultimate goal, you have to be unafraid of calling your shot—bigger than what you think is possible. You have to believe in the scary dream for it to have a chance of becoming reality.


Marv has left this very mindset with R3c as a part of his priceless legacy. As he moves forward in life to other goals and dreams, he has helped to encourage R3c to dream big as we move into the future. In his newfound time, Marv looks forward to spending quality time with his grandchildren and perfecting his artisanship at his wood carving shop, built at his Grand Rapids, Michigan home.


We are eternally grateful to Marv for the years he has spent with us and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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