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Are Organizations Doing Enough to Protect Employees?

Oscar Villanueva
November 26, 2019



Can the layout of a workplace make a difference in safety for the employees?


Recent news regarding McDonald’s planned restaurant renovations has provoked much debate and questions about the security risk of lowering counter height at their stores. McDonald’s is facing lawsuits by employees in Chicago who claim their newly renovated retail environment and lower counter tops are likely to make it easier for would-be attackers to access their work space. This comes at a time when employees at McDonald’s are facing increased risk from workplace violence. In the Chicago lawsuit, 17 McDonald’s employees are alleging McDonald’s has failed to protect them.



While McDonald’s is currently getting much publicity about this issue, they are not alone in the fast food industry when facing this problem. There has recently been increasing violence in the workplace in fast food chains.  Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurants, for example, has faced workplace violence issues recently, and in 2018 and earlier this year Waffle House in Tennessee experienced an active shooter incident and a drug-related robbery resulting in a shooting outside one of their restaurants.



Unfortunately no workplace is immune to workplace violence, whether it is in a corporate office or restaurant, violence can and does occur without warning. Click on these links for information regarding R3 Continuum’s line up of workplace violence solutions and learn how we can help prevent and mitigate violence in your workplace: /our-services/consulting/workplace-violence-preparedness-training/ and /our-services/consulting/strategic-crisis-leadership/