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R3 Continuum is Already Responding to Florida for Hurricane Dorian

R3c Active Front Lines Staff
August 30, 2019

Hurricane Dorian Update: Aug. 30, 2019 – 9 AM EDT

R3 Continuum is already responding to Florida.  

Dorian is currently a Category 2 storm and continues to strengthen.


Expect a Cat. 4 storm – landfall near West Palm Beach – approx. 12:00 AM, Tues. Sept 3. 


Almost 11 million people are in the impact zone and should monitor the progress of the storm closely. Dorian is slowing, which is a concern for continued strengthening over very warm waters.


The states of Florida and Georgia have issued states of emergency. State agencies and FEMA have started to move assets into the area and requests have been made for a pre-landfall federal disaster declaration. Early estimates of economic impact of the storm could fall between $18 to $20 billion.



  • Health services and utilities altering operations and preparing.
  • Schools closing, aircraft being moved, and cruise lines altering operations.
  • Decisions on evacuations beginning soon.
  • Plan for it to take approx. 99 hours to conduct a large evacuation.
  • Shelters for individuals should be considered if there is no place else to go.
  • Those in the area of impact should anticipate 5-7 days of disruption following landfall.


Our Crisis Management and Response Center Teams will continue to bring more resources into the area in coordination with clients and authorities. Please return to R3 Active Front Lines for analysis and response updates.


For more information regarding R3c’s services during times like this, please see /our-services/crisis-response/ and /our-services/consulting/strategic-crisis-leadership/


For those organizations that have additional questions or are in need of support, please contact the R3c Response Center Disruptive Event Hotline at 1-888-736-0911 x1.

Active Front Lines: Hurricane Dorian Update: Aug. 30, 2019 - 9 AM EDT

R3 Continuum is already responding in Florida and keeping an active eye on the situation